Jujutsu Kaisen Explained: What Master Tengen’s Evolution and the Tragic Fate of Star Plasma Vessels Mean for the Series

Jujutsu Kaisen isn’t just your run-of-the-mill shonen anime; it’s a world filled with a web of complex characters, cursed techniques, and mysterious entities. Just when you think you’ve grasped it all, the series throws you a curveball with yet another enthralling concept. Today, we’re delving into one of the most mind-bending of these: the Star Plasma Vessel and the enigmatic Master Tengen.

Why Master Tengen is Not Your Average Immortal

To understand the celestial intricacies of the Star Plasma Vessel, we must first venture into the life of Master Tengen—a jujutsu sorcerer hiding in the Tombs of the Star corridor. Although Tengen is immortal, they age. When they hit a certain undefined milestone, a frightening transformation occurs: their self-awareness and will to live begins to dissipate.

When the user of immortality reaches a certain unknown age, the technique will try to ‘evolve’ the user’s body. The next step of ‘evolution’ for an immortality user is to lose their self-awareness and will to live.

Star Plasma Vessels

Now, what’s at stake here isn’t just a mystical identity crisis. Tengen holds the title of being the mightiest barrier user, even surpassing the formidable Kenjaku. This vital role isn’t just for show; Tengen’s barriers protect humanity from looming threats. The moment Tengen loses their will to maintain these barriers, we’re talking apocalyptic consequences.

The Reset Button: Star Plasma Vessels

So, how does one stop Master Tengen from falling into this abyss of existential despair? Enter the Star Plasma Vessel, an exceptional human who can merge with Tengen, refreshing their genetic code and halting this nightmarish evolution.

A Star Plasma Vessel is someone who can refresh a curse user’s immortality by merging with them. In season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen, we meet the current Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai.

In simpler terms, the Star Plasma Vessel is like hitting the reset button on your computer when it starts acting up. They are uniquely compatible beings—mostly young females so far—who can overwrite Tengen’s genetic makeup, essentially freezing the evolutionary process that leads to their decay.

Unveiling the Mystery of Master Tengen

The Vessels: A Lineage Wrapped in Mystery

While they may sound like a blessing, the life of a Star Plasma Vessel isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. These individuals are marked from birth, often discovered and nurtured by jujutsu sorcerers. And what happens post-merging? Well, it’s far from a happy ending. The word “erasure” was explicitly used when describing this merging process.

I find this so fascinating. Confirms Star Plasma Vessels are something of a unique case among body fusions.. Tengen may likely be the reason for that.
Opposite to established norms, it’s cool how Yuki is able to externally hear but Tengen can’t.#JJK202 #ShadzJK #JujutsuKaisen202 pic.twitter.com/K0EpirsaTE

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Tengen themselves doesn’t know what happens to the Vessels. Yuki claims she can hear the other vessels inside Tengen, but her life mission to end the sacrifices can only mean they’re happy in there or at least don’t have a well-defined sense of self anymore.

The Delicate Balance Shattered: The Story of Riko Amanai

Now, imagine the universe throws in a wild card, and the merging doesn’t go as planned. This is precisely what happened with Riko Amanai, the most recent Star Plasma Vessel. A group called The Time Vessel Association found the merging process “impure” and sent Sorcerer Killer Toji Fushiguro to assassinate her.

During this time, Riko was the Star Plasma Vessel, and Satoru Gojo was her Six-Eyes protector. To make a long story short, Toji managed to defeat the two and carry out the assassination.

This tragic tale led to the breaking of Tengen’s merger cycle and a partial evolution, making them more of a cursed spirit than human. The repercussions? Well, they’re still unfolding, but it’s clear that the universe of Jujutsu Kaisen has been irreversibly altered.

The Fate of Star Plasma Vessels: A Turn for the Tragic

The Uncertain Horizon

We’re left hanging at the edge of a cliff with more questions than answers. Will Master Tengen’s transformative journey make them a menace to humanity? What are the cosmic repercussions of halting the sacrificial cycle of the Star Plasma Vessels?

The breaking of the merger cycle by Toji Fushiguro has already had unforeseen consequences, leading to Tengen’s evolution into an ascended being, vulnerable to Cursed Spirit Manipulation by Pseudo Geto, aka Kenjaku.

Jujutsu Kaisen has masterfully built a world where every action has a reaction, every character a purpose, and every concept a ripple effect. As we await the next season, one thing’s for certain: the Star Plasma Vessel and Master Tengen will be at the forefront, either as saviors or harbingers of a calamity that could reshape the very fabric of this spellbinding universe.