Kanye West Plans ‘Bat Cave’ Makeover by Removing Electricity, Windows, and More from $57M Malibu Home

Kanye West’s Malibu Dream: From Oceanfront Luxury to 1910’s Bomb Shelter?

Amid the shimmering beaches and glitzy enclaves of Malibu, Kanye West had a vision that was anything but conventional. His $57 million oceanfront home was poised to take a retrogressive turn — straight back to the early 20th century. But with bizarre design choices and a disgruntled former project manager now making headlines, we take a deeper look into the controversial rapper’s renovation dreams that now appear more like a logistical nightmare.

A Bomb Shelter Ambition

It seems Ye’s aspirations transcended contemporary luxury. A newly filed lawsuit, sourced from NBC News, reveals that Kanye’s goal was to convert his Malibu mansion into what can be best described as a “bomb shelter from the 1910s.” This wasn’t just a nod to the past, but a complete erasure of the present. The rapper’s vision included removing basic amenities like windows and electricity, replacing stairs with slides, and gutting out custom marble bathrooms.

Tony Saxon, the former project manager now suing West for unpaid wages, gives an inside glimpse into these plans: “[Kanye] wanted no electricity. He only wanted plants. He only wanted candles. He only wanted battery lights. And he just wanted to have everything open and dark.”

Confrontations and Controversies

The legal complaint uncovers the lengths Kanye West went to in order to bring this unique vision to life. One notable instance involves moving large generators into the home, an act Tony outright refused due to concerns of potential fire hazards. This resistance was met with fierce retaliation from Kanye, leading to a confrontation with the rapper asserting dominance and allegedly threatening to brand Tony as an enemy.

Moreover, Tony’s accounts hint at the enormity of the project. He mentions, “We were going to be gutting all of that out and sort of building him a Bat Cave,” initially thinking it was more of an artistic venture. But as things progressed, the realization dawned, “no, he wants to live in here.”

Kanye’s motivation for these extreme modifications? Tony claims that West expressed desires of not being a “slave” to modern tech and to be out of reach from the government. He adds, “[Kanye] wants to be on a privatized Wi-Fi network. He wants to have an alternate source of energy.”

The State of the Malibu Mansion Now

Presently, the once-pristine property appears to bear the brunt of these renovation attempts. Neighbors confide to TMZ about the house being “left to rot” with no discernible activity for months. Photographic evidence shows external railings rusting away and concrete walls bearing the patches of time and neglect.

Tony Saxon’s lawyer adds gravitas to the situation with a damning statement, highlighting West’s alleged “reckless disregard” for his workers and blatant flouting of laws that have put employees at risk.

While the lawsuit unfolds and public opinion vacillates, it remains to be seen if Kanye’s architectural dream or nightmare, depending on one’s perspective, ever materializes in its complete form. With unpaid wages, employee grievances, and a mansion in limbo, this is one property story that’s far from its final chapter.