Kid Cudi’s Star Trek Adventure: Dive into the ‘Boldly Be’ Multimedia Extravaganza

“Boldly Be”: Kid Cudi’s Multimedia Ode to Star Trek

In what is shaping up to be a stellar collaboration, Paramount has teamed up with multifaceted artist Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi to deliver “Boldly Be,” a multimedia project slated for a launch next month. This fresh venture promises a medley of music, gaming, and fashion—all celebrating the long-standing and ever-evolving world of Star Trek.

The Star Trek Spirit, Reimagined

“Boldly Be” is more than just a nod to the legendary science fiction series. It aims to encapsulate the “optimistic and inclusive spirit of adventure, discovery, imagination, and most importantly, hope.” Fans are in for a treat with an all-new Star Trek-inspired song from Mescudi himself, a sizzling fashion line, and an engaging online gaming element.

Launching this exciting project, there’s a video teaser that captures Mescudi in the iconic captain’s chair aboard the Enterprise. Donned in the “Strange New Worlds” command uniform, he even replicates Patrick Stewart’s iconic “Picard Maneuver”. Reflecting on his deep-rooted connection to the franchise, Mescudi shares, “I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad who is single-handedly responsible for turning me into a fan… Star Trek’s mission has always been about having a hopeful future… being brave and a hero by doing what’s right and fighting for freedom. I can’t wait to share my love of this incredible franchise with the world”.

A Glimpse Into Kid Cudi’s Journey

For the uninitiated, Kid Cudi is more than just a musician. Rising to fame with his 2008 debut single “Day n’ Nite,” his musical journey saw an explosion of top-charting albums, selling over 22 million copies globally. Venturing beyond music, he made his acting mark with roles in “How to Make it in America,” “Need for Speed,” and “Crater.” His recent stint in the Netflix’s animated project “Entergalactic” and the Prime Video documentary “A Man Named Scott” further showcased his versatility. Fans can soon catch him in Brittany Snow’s directorial debut, “Parachute,” and his directorial debut, “Teddy,” on Netflix.

The Ideals Behind “Boldly Be”

The project’s inspiration, “Infinite Dimensions in Infinite Combinations” or IDIC, traces back to a fundamental Vulcan philosophy introduced in the 1968 Star Trek episode “Is There In Truth No Beauty?” It’s symbolized by a triangle-circle insignia pin. Although Leonard Nimoy once criticized this emblem, hinting at Gene Roddenberry’s merchandising efforts, the IDIC insignia has secured its place in Star Trek lore.

Anticipation Builds

With the promise of “Boldly Be” capturing the essence of Star Trek and the dynamism of Kid Cudi, the anticipation is palpable. Keep your eyes on Collider for the latest updates on this venture and sneak a peek at the teaser for “Boldly Be” below.