Kingdom Chapter 777 Major Spoilers To Expect, Release Date, Read Online And More

Kingdom Chapter 777 is just around the corner, and here are some updates fans may look forward to in the upcoming chapter.


Kingdom Chapter 777: Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 777 will be released on November 18, 2023, at the following schedule:

China Standard Time (CST), 10:00 AM: November 18, 2023.
Indian Standard Time (IST), 08:30 PM: November 17, 2023.
Pacific Standard Time (PST), 07.00 AM: November 17, 2023.
Central European Time (CEST), 05:00 PM: November 17, 2023.
Pacific Time (PST), 08:00 AM: November 17, 2023.
Eastern European Time (EEST), 06:00 PM: November 17, 2023
Philippines Standard Time (PHT), 11:00 PM: November 17, 2023
Singapore Standard Time (SST), 11:00 PM: November 17, 2023.
Korean Standard Time (KST), noon: November 17, 2023.

Kingdom Chapter 777: What To Expect?

Kingdom Chapter 777, titled “The Enemy Who Stands In Our Way,” will focus on Shin’s strategy to capture Riboku. The chapter will start with Shin getting reports of his soldiers defeating their enemies. However, Ten comes with urgent news from General Akou to help him capture Riboku, who launched a surprise attack on his unit. Ten and Shin start devising strategies to get hold of Ribokou when Ten comes up with an idea to send 10K soldiers for a surprise ambush on Riboku from the side, while Kyoukai keeps holding down the right side. They plan to hold on to Riboukou with the surprise attack till Ouhon comes to support them with reinforcements.

Riboku, as shown in the manga series

However, Ten’s advisors are a bit reluctant to trust Ouhon as they believe he won’t help them with anything till he receives orders from Ousen, and this will also pose a risk to the soldiers, who will be on the battlefield. However, Shin claims that he believes Ouhon wouldn’t do such a thing, and he has known him for years. With that, Shin moves with the rest of his unit and seeks to kill Riboku to become the “Great General of the Heavens!”

Excerpts from Kingdom Chapter 777 (Source: Young Jump)

The chapter forwards with Akou’s forces surrounding Riboku from both sides; however, before they can seize him, Futei constructs a wall to securely escort Riboku out of the battlefield while Kaine holds on to the remainder of the Hin Shin unit’s soldiers. The last part of the chapter tells us that Riboku’s main aim is to kill Shin, as the final panel of the chapter displays a continuation from when Riboku was asked who his most difficult enemy is, and he answers with “Ri Shin of the Hi Shin Unit.”

Kingdom Chapter 777: Read Online

You can read the latest chapters of the Kingdom manga series on Young Jump.

Kingdom Chapter 777 Major Spoilers To Expect, Release Date, Read Online And More