Lina Belfiore: Age, TikTok, Bio, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth

Lina Belfiore is a rising star in the modelling world who is well-known for her fitness modelling endeavours and enjoys a large following across various social media networks. She also posts travel content from various locations around the world.

Lina currently has over 680K followers on Instagram.  Instead of Instagram, Lina has become well-known on YouTube. Lina started her channel on March 25, 2022, and started posting her fitness and modelling videos there. With the help of TikTok, Lina increased her reach and quickly accumulated millions of followers. Let’s get to know more about her in this article.

Who Is Lina Belfiore?

Lina Belfiore was born on 28th October, 2000 in the United States. She completed her schooling in her hometown at an unidentified school. Regarding her advanced education, she has not yet disclosed anything. She tends to keep her private life under covers and hence, not much is known about her family too. Lina has kept her social and personal life completely different from each other and that is why she has not shared much. 

Lina Belfiore’s Career

In September 2012, she began her modelling career on the Instagram platform. Later, she turned her attention to other platforms, including YouTube, Tiktok, and Onlyfans. As of 2023, The Shell Corp.’s clothing line sponsors the majority of Lina’s fashionable attire.

Instagram was where Lina Belfiore got her start in the world of social media. She may have, however, previously utilised the website for private reasons. After a while, she made it public and started posting gorgeous pictures. She signed up for the brief video-sharing app Tiktok at the same moment as it started to take over social media. She showcases her gorgeous beauty in a little video on Tiktok in addition to sharing breathtaking photos on Instagram. As a social media influencer and fitness model, Lina has kept up her physical appearance with consistent exercise and workouts.

She became somewhat well-known and then published a video to YouTube. She launched her channel in March 2022, but it wasn’t until October that she made her public debut. She posts workout and fashion videos on a regular basis. In fact, the website has seen millions of views of her try-on haul videos. She presently has 21 million cumulative views on her videos and 277k subscribers.

Lina Belfiore’s Personal Life

Lina Belfiore is currently unmarried. On the other hand, she is in a relationship with Mike Tornabene. They’ve been dating for a minimum of a year. He is both an internet celebrity and an entrepreneur in terms of his occupation. He is well recognised for founding the apparel company The Shell Corp. Apart from that, he has 196k Instagram followers and over 291k YouTube subscribers.

Lina Belfiore’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Lina Belfiore has a $650,000 net worth. Her primary cash sources are from sponsorships and Onlyfans. As a rising influencer, she works with numerous fashion companies to promote their goods to her followers. Currently, Aplhalete and The Shell Corporation are her sponsors.

In contrast, Lina has only recently made premium content available through her Onlyfans account. She had never thought about creating an account on Onlyfans until her flatmate and social media star Claire Stone suggested she do so.

Even though her subscription plan is free, she makes money on PPV content and tips. Her earnings from these attributes are so erratic that it is hard to forecast when they will occur. And lastly, she gets revenue from YouTube commercials. Over the previous few months, she has consistently received a few million views per month. She shares her life living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Lina Belfiore: Age, TikTok, Bio, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth