Love Allways Season 2 Release Date Update and Renewal Probability Speculation

Love is a complex topic, but when it comes to reality TV, it’s often explored through the simplest of competitions. Yet, “Love Allways” adds a fresh spin on the genre by introducing us to Lexi Paloma—a pansexual, Hispanic college student looking for her soulmate. With the help of veteran matchmakers, Lexi delves into the labyrinth of modern dating, generating heat and buzz among viewers.

However, fans are on tenterhooks as the future of the show remains uncertain. Is Season 2 in the pipeline or is “Love Allways” doomed to be a one-hit-wonder? Let’s dissect what we know, what we don’t, and why this show has everyone talking.

A Love Quest with No Ordinary Lead

Love Allways

Lexi Paloma is not your average reality TV romantic lead. She is a 19-year-old, pansexual Hispanic residing in sunny Florida.

She embarks on a mission to find her soul partner

says the show’s synopsis, guided by love advisors Spicy Mari and Anthony Recenello.

The show’s first season on Paramount+ saw contestants—most belonging to the Gen Z demographic—vie for Lexi’s affections. With love, drama, and plenty of secrets spilling out, it felt like a roller coaster journey through the maze of modern relationships.

Second Season: Still a Mystery

If you’re hoping for a confirmation about a Season 2 release date, you’ll have to wait.

Due to the fact that the majority of episodes are still being distributed, it is still unknown whether or not the ‘Love Always’ series will be renewed,

says the production house.

Nevertheless, the future of the series is determined by its ratings and comments,

says Decider, a publication that has notably advised viewers to steer clear of the show. If a renewal does happen, don’t expect to see any new episodes until at least 2024.

EXCLUSIVE: Lexi Paloma is a pansexual bachelorette looking for her perfect match in the all-new dating series Love Allways, premiering on Paramount+ with three episodes on June 2, followed by a weekly release on Paramount+ and Awesomeness’ YouTube channel

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) May 15, 2023

Why Is “Love Allways” So Divisive?

Love Allways” is like the cilantro of dating shows—you either love it or you hate it.

Some people may like that the show is about looking for love and has dramatic turns, but others have complained,

sums up the general sentiment.

On the other hand, the series has its share of die-hard fans who appreciate its unique blend of romance and competition. These loyalists could play a significant role in saving the show from the chopping block.

Love Allways

The Road Ahead

While there’s no news about the cast for a potential Season 2, fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

The promotional video for the upcoming second season of Love Always has not yet been made accessible,

says the production house.

For now, the entire first season is available on Paramount+. Whether you heed Decider’s advice or not, perhaps it’s worth watching to make up your own mind about this controversial quest for love.

The Bottom Line: Love It or Hate It?

In a reality TV landscape overflowing with love quests, “Love Allways” attempts to offer something fresh. The future remains uncertain, but this polarizing show has made a lasting impact, regardless of whether it returns for another season. Until we hear otherwise, the jury is still out on Lexi’s love life and the show’s fate. So, are you on Team Love or Team Skeptic? Only time—and possibly a second season—will tell.