Margot Robbie’s Age in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’: The Real Story Behind the Casting Choice

Margot Robbie’s Age in “The Wolf of Wall Street”: A Closer Look

Margot Robbie has indisputably become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, delivering impeccable performances in a plethora of roles. While many remember her as the fierce Harley Quinn or the headstrong Barbie that made Warner Bros. over a billion dollars, her ascent into Hollywood’s elite can be traced back to Martin Scorsese’s biographical black comedy, “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

From City Homicide to Hollywood’s Elite

Before landing her breakthrough role in Scorsese’s magnum opus, Robbie’s journey began modestly in 2008 with the Australian television series “City Homicide.” Her talent and determination soon got her recognition, leading her to play significant characters in various blockbusters such as “Birds of Prey,” “Focus,” “I, Tonya,” and “Bombshell.”

But it was her portrayal of Naomi Lapaglia in “The Wolf of Wall Street” that catapulted her into the limelight.

Casting Decisions: Robbie’s Age and Audition

The role of Naomi Lapaglia was a pivotal one in the film, requiring the right fit not only in terms of acting chops but also age. Interestingly, Olivia Wilde was in the running for the part but was deemed too old. Margot Robbie, with her fresh face and audacious spirit, fit the bill perfectly. The infamous audition where she audaciously slapped Leonardo DiCaprio only further solidified her as the ideal choice for the role.

Robbie and DiCaprio: The Age Gap on Screen

Margot was merely 22 years old when she started filming “The Wolf of Wall Street” in August 2012. For perspective, she was born in July 1990, which means by the time audiences were captivated by her portrayal of Naomi in December 2013, she had just celebrated her 23rd birthday.

In stark contrast, Leonardo DiCaprio was 38 years old during the filming, representing Jordan Belfort, who in real life was in his late 20s and early 30s during the film’s central events. This vast age gap between the two actors—16 years to be precise—was notably larger than the real-life age difference between Belfort and his second wife.

Reality Mirrored: The Authentic Ages of Naomi and Jordan

The film’s character, Naomi Lapaglia, is inspired by the real-life Nadine Macaluso. Nadine was only 22 when she crossed paths with Belfort and approximately 24 when they tied the knot in 1991. Although there was a noticeable age gap between Robbie and DiCaprio in the film, Robbie’s age was spot on with her real-life counterpart, Nadine. This kind of authenticity in age casting isn’t something we often witness in Hollywood. To further ensure authenticity, Macaluso collaborated with Robbie and her speech coach to fine-tune her accent for the movie.

Robbie’s role as Naomi wasn’t just another character she played—it was a testament to her talent, grit, and commitment to her craft. While the fame following “The Wolf of Wall Street” was overwhelming, pushing Robbie to the brink of leaving acting, she persisted. And Hollywood, as well as her fans, are all the better for it.