Marvel’s ‘What If…? Season 2’ Spices Things Up with Hela’s Quest for the Ten Rings and New Native American Superhero

In the realm of Marvel’s ever-expanding universe, stories intertwine and heroes often find themselves in the most unexpected of scenarios. The anticipated second season of “What If…?” on Disney+ promises just that – a thrilling adventure where the God of Thunder and the Master of Kung Fu cross paths in a way never seen before.

The rumored details surrounding a particular episode titled “What If… Hela found the Ten Rings?” have recently surfaced, setting the fan community ablaze with excitement. In this speculative dive, Hela, the Goddess of Death, is seemingly cast out of Asgard, not unlike her story arc in “Thor: Ragnarok”. Yet, instead of finding solace in Hel, she stumbles upon the mystical realm of Ta-Lo, known to us from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”

A Shift in Narrative: Hela’s Unexpected Journey

Marvel’s ‘What If…

In an intriguing twist, Hela is not shunned but rather welcomed by the inhabitants of Ta-Lo, where she even picks up their martial arts skills. However, peace is short-lived as Odin, the All-Father, decides to invade, resulting in an epic war between Asgard and Ta-Lo. Notably, the rumored details highlight a stark change in Hela’s armor, shifting from its traditional black and green to an all-white ensemble.

Cate Blanchett’s Triumphant Return and the Introduction of Kahhori

???? | Cate Blanchett will reprise her role as Hela’s voice actor in Marvel Studio’s ‘WHAT IF’ Season 2, coming out in 2023.

— Rina (@bbblanchett) November 1, 2022

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be delighted to hear that Cate Blanchett is rumored to reprise her role as Hela, bringing her formidable presence back to the screen. Furthermore, Season 2 of “What If…?” introduces us to a new Native American superhero, Kahhori. Described as a young Mohawk woman on a quest to discover her power, her story intertwines with the Tesseract, adding yet another layer to the Marvel multiverse.

A Season of Boundless Imagination and Beyond

Marvel’s ‘What If… Season 2’

Bryan Andrews, the director of “What If…?”, has teased that the upcoming season will push the boundaries of storytelling even further, hinting at wilder and more outlandish tales to come. He reflects on the abundance of ideas that the creative team had at their disposal, some of which were deemed too ambitious for the initial season. This not only sets high expectations for Season 2 but also leaves the door open for even more fantastical stories in the potential Season 3.

As the year progresses, the anticipation for the December premiere of “What If…? Season 2” continues to build. With rumors swirling and fan theories abound, one thing is certain – the Marvel universe is set to captivate audiences once again, pushing the limits of imagination and bringing forth stories that are as unexpected as they are thrilling.

Marvel’s ‘What If…? Season 2’ Spices Things Up with Hela’s Quest for the Ten Rings and New Native American Superhero