Meet Adonis Graham: Drake’s Son With Sophie Brussaux

Who is Adonis Graham?

Adonis Graham was born in the United States, in California, on October 11, 2017. He was given the name Khiyla at birth, but his full name is Adonis Graham.

As of 2023, Adonis is 6 years old, and he is assumed to be homeschooled or studying in one of the elite LA schools attended by several other celebrity kids. He is officially an American citizen.

At first, Drake denied the paternity allegations that were made by Brussaux when she was expecting their son. Nonetheless, he affirmed his role as the father on his 2018 Scorpion album and provided further details during an episode of The Shop aired later that year.

“We have found ourselves in a situation and we are both equally responsible. Now, I’m just really excited to be a great father.”

Drake and Brussaux didn’t start sharing images of Adonis on public social media until 2020, which is also when the rapper made the choice to no longer keep his son away from the public eye during Apple Music’s Young Money Radio With Lil Wayne.

“I want to be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son,” Drake said. “I don’t want to feel like just because of a life choice I made to be a ‘celebrity’ that I got to make everybody live under this blanket . . . I just wanted to free myself of that.”

Adonis Graham, who is still quite young, has achieved fluency in French due to his mother, hailing from France. Early in the year 2022, Drake shared a now-erased video of his son demonstrating his bilingual capabilities – or was he simply teasing his father?


Adonis Graham is already following the path of his father. On October 6, Drake unveiled his album For All the Dogs featuring Adonis on the track Daylight. His closing rap lyrics demonstrate his commitment to standing by his dad, including

“Don’t talk to my man like that,” “My, my, my, my man,” and “I will always be there for you.”

Adonis was also featured in Drake’s video for 8 AM in Charlotte at the start of the clip. The rapper and his son were seen conversing, and Adonis was requested to discuss a “beautiful piece of artwork” he had created.

Drake’s Relationship With His Son Adonis Graham

Drake has held a fondness for basketball for a long time, and it looks like he has imparted his enthusiasm for the sport to his son. Over the past few years, Drake and Adonis have been seen at numerous NBA games taking in the action from courtside seats.

As a devoted admirer of the Toronto Raptors, Drake frequently takes his son Adonis to the team’s contests. The father-son pair have watched a number of Raptors clashes, including one on February 3, 2022, where they were decked out in matching black outfits, and another where they were seen raising their glasses in a toast.

On December 7, 2022, Drake and his son Adonis attended a Toronto Raptors game. Both were dressed in coordinating leather-like jackets and white shoes. As they watched the match, the father and son were beaming, with Adonis caught munching on a bag of Skittles.

Adonis isn’t only a spectator of basketball — he’s a player as well! Drake shared a video of the young boy’s skills on Instagram in December 2021, which showed him effortlessly dribbling the ball before successfully shooting it into the hoop.

Adonis seems to have a special bond with his father, as evidenced by the fact that they both wore matching outfits to the Raptors vs. 76ers game. Furthermore, in October 2021 for Adonis’ fourth birthday, and again in March 2022, the two of them sported the same braided hairstyle, which Drake shared on Instagram.

Meet Adonis Graham: Drake’s Son With Sophie Brussaux