Meet Gemi Bordelon? Ben Bordelon’s Wife Who Has Always Stood By His Side

Gemi Bordelon is the wife of former LSU Tigers quarterback Ben Bordelon. She is an entrepreneur from Louisiana as well. Since 2000, she has served as CEO and head of Bollinger Shipyard. Former American football player Ben Bordelon played offensive tackle for the San Diego Chargers from 1997 to 1998, solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the NFL. Scroll down below to know more about the life of Gemi Bordelon, wife of Ben Bordelon.

Who Is Gemi Bordelon?

Gemi Bordelon was born on 1st February, 1975. Her birthplace is Louisiana, the USA. Gemi Bordelon has completed her schooling at a local high school in Louisiana. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Studies. Nothing further about her schooling is found. One thing can be said for sure: she must be a quick learner because that’s what made her a successful businesswoman who also helped to shape a respected organisation. Any information about her parents and siblings are not disclosed yet.

Gemi Bordelon And Ben Bordelon

She is happily married to Ben Bordelon, a former American football player. It is difficult to learn specifics about the couple’s past relationship because they would rather keep their life private. They are parents to three kids, one of them is a daughter called Brooke Bordelon. Despite their widespread popularity, Gemi and Ben value their privacy and work hard to keep their family’s environment safe from prying eyes.

The ‘Get the Gat’ challenge that Ben Bordelon’s wife participated in online with LSU players at The White House in January 2020 went viral. Team members have since said that it’s a great opportunity for them all to interact and fans to watch. 

Gemi Bordelon’s Career

Gemi Bordelon’s participation in the “Get the Gat” challenge brought her global attention, but her accomplishments in her personal and professional life go far beyond this viral event. She created her own route in the corporate world as a prosperous businesswoman, using her abilities and tenacity to create a prosperous career. Despite Gemi Bordelon’s viral video becoming an overnight success, she still enjoys a life away from the spotlight and is a mysterious figure behind her well-known husband’s career.

About Ben Bordelon

Ben Bordelon was a well-known football player in the past. In 1997, Ben was also an offensive tackle with the San Diego Chargers. Bordelon has also participated in collegiate football for the LSU Tigers, where Ben started as a starting guard and tackle for four seasons.

As a senior, the football player was named to the second team of the Southeastern Conference in 1996. Ben, though, gave up playing sports quickly and began helping out at his family’s business.

Ben Bordelon is the third generation to head Bollinger Shipyards; he is the grandson of Donald Bollinger, who established the company in 1946. He began working with Bollinger in 2000 as a project manager and has progressed to hold a number of managerial roles at different Bollinger facilities.

Bordelon served as Executive Vice President of Repair from 2002 until September 2013. Following that, he was Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President until December 2014, at which point he took over his current role, which he has held since September 2013.

Gemi Bordelon’s Net Worth

Gemi Bordelon’s estimated net worth is $3 million, despite the fact that it has never been formally verified. This estimate takes into account her profitable commercial endeavours as well as the probable accumulation of wealth over time. Gemi’s financial success can surely be attributed to her entrepreneurial energy and unwavering dedication to her profession.

Meet Gemi Bordelon? Ben Bordelon’s Wife Who Has Always Stood By His Side