Meet Jared Fogle’s Daughter, Quinn Fogle: Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth

Quinn Fogle is the daughter of Jared Fogle, who was formerly the face of the well-known food chain, Subway. Popularly known as ‘Jared from Subway’, Jared Fogle achieved fame after shedding 245 pounds by eating Subway’s food.

Fogle was soon chosen to represent Subway in their commercials due to his remarkable weight loss journey. He achieved brief renown, but he was apprehended in 2015 and his reputation was tarnished.

Quinn Fogle Quick Facts

Full name: Quinn Fogle

Birthdate: 2013

Age: 10 years

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Resident Country: United States of America

Marital status: single

Nationality: American

Father: Jared Scott Fogle

Mother: Katie McLaughlin

Siblings: Brady Fogle

Quinn was born in 2013 to Jared Fogle and Kathleen McLaughlin. Both Kathleen and Jared attended Indiana University and have been acquainted since 2000. It has been said that Kathleen and Jared were introduced by Jared’s brother.

In 2009, they made a commitment to each other when they got engaged. Shortly afterward, in August 2010, they celebrated their marriage with a memorable wedding.

By 2011, they had become proud parents of their first child, a son named Brady. Two years later, the family was made complete with the birth of their daughter Quinn in 2013.

Quinn’s mother works as a teacher in Indiana whereas her father used to be the spokesperson for Subway. Prior to his marriage to Katie, Jared was married to Elizabeth Christie between 2001 and 2007, lasting six years.

She has shared her childhood with her brother Brady Fogle. However, her parents have not divulged any information about her educational background.


Quinn Fogle, who is renowned as the daughter of Jared Fogle, has yet to begin her professional career. In April 1999, Jared Scott first garnered public recognition when a former student wrote an article for the Indiana Daily Student about his weight loss journey – reducing his body mass by 245 lb (111 kg) through diet and exercise, with Subway sandwiches as his main source of sustenance.

He was later featured in an article in Men’s Health magazine, titled “Stupid Diets … that Work!” According to the article, he had become obese due to the lack of physical activity and indulging in junk food. At the peak of his obesity, his weight was an astonishing 425 pounds.

Where is Quinn Fogle’s father Jared Fogle?

Jared is currently imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution, Englewood, following his conviction of child sex tourism and possession of child pornography.

He was sentenced to over 15 years in prison and is expected to be released in 2029. According to the court ruling, he must remunerate 14 underage victims with a total of $1.4 million.

Allegations that Fogle had inappropriate relationships with minors started in 2007. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that it was discovered he was in possession of child pornography, due to one of his associates.

Where is Quinn Fogle now?

She currently lives in Indiana with her mom and sibling. When the FBI came to their house and arrested her father, her mother brought her and her brother to Indiana.

After Quinn’s father was charged, her mother Kathleen McLaughlin took the children to a secret spot. The court decision even stipulated that Jared could only visit his children with the permission of his parole officer.

Quinn is currently 10 years old as of 2023 and presumably focusing on her studies. She was only three years old when her dad was detained, and has not seen him since.

At a press conference, Kathleen expressed her main focus was safeguarding her children in light of her ex-husband’s controversy.

The children also inquired about their father and why the authorities had taken him away. In one of her interviews, she stated her wish that Subway would provide answers to the questions her small children may ask in the future about their father’s terrible offense.

Quinn Fogle’s Net Worth

Quinn Fogle has no occupation or vocation. Therefore, she does not make any money or have any net worth. Conversely, her father Jared Scott Fogle has an estimated wealth of $4 million in the year 2023.

Meet Jared Fogle’s Daughter, Quinn Fogle: Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth