Meet Piers Cavill, Henry Cavill’s Eldest Brother: Age, Bio, Career, Love Life, Net Worth & More

Piers Cavill is the eldest brother of the famous British actor, Henry Cavill. The Man of Steel actor is one of his five siblings and Piers is the eldest of them all. While Henry plays an on-screen hero, his elder brother is a real-life hero who fought in the British Army during the late 90s.

Who is Piers Cavill?

Piers Cavill is the firstborn of his parents, Marianne Daligesh and Collin Cavill. He was born in 1971 in Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, situated between the United Kingdom and France.

Piers’ mother, Marianne, was a bank clerk for many years before she decided to become a stay-at-home wife. Additionally, it was said that she had taught massage and aromatherapy.

She hailed from the Bailiwick region situated between England and France. On the other hand, Piers’ father, Collin, hailed from Chester, Chesire, England and he worked as a stockbroker.

Piers’ maternal ancestry is comprised of Scottish, English, and Irish roots, while his paternal roots are mainly English.

Marianna and Collin have had a relationship spanning over five decades, which began in the 70s. During this time the couple brought up five accomplished sons.


Piers Cavill’s family consists of himself and four of his brothers, which are Henry Cavill, a popular Hollywood actor, Charlie Cavill, a producer from Promethean Production Limited, Simon Cavill, and Niki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill.

Nick Cavill

Niki Cavill, a Lieutenant Colonel, is from a family with strong ties to the Military. His brother Piers and their father were both in the Armed Forces, and Niki earned the MBE in 2012 for his exemplary work during counter-insurgency missions in Afghanistan.

Simon Cavill

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Henry Cavill jokingly made fun of his elder brother Simon in a humorous way, highlighting their familiar brotherly relationship. Henry referred to Simon as being big and really strong, humorously calling him the “Hulk”.

Simon moved into the corporate world, tying the knot with Victoria Cavill and working in the field of finance while staying relatively unknown compared to Henry’s fame.

Henry Cavill

Henry has achieved fame for his acting roles in films such as The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and The Witcher series (2019-present). He is widely known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe and has had roles in many movies and television programs.

Henry Cavill has been praised for his acting and was awarded the title of “World’s Sexiest Man” by British Glamour magazine.

Charlie Cavill

Charlie Cavill, the sibling of Piers Cavill, has achieved considerable fame as a member of the family. The 38-year-old is presently operating a collaboration called Cavill and Wicks Candle Company with his spouse Heather Cavill. Before venturing into the business world, he tested his skills in acting and producing in Stratton (2017).


Piers Cavill, the oldest of the Cavill brothers, had a nine-year stint in the military prior to his retirement from active service. At the moment, he is the Country Director of a private company situated in Jersey.

This organization offers a web-based gaming experience that allows people from all over the world to take part in the lottery.

Additionally, Piers has been actively engaged in corporate activities, and recently he has brought revolutionary productivity to the construction sector with the help of technology. He is now the Director at Jersey Laser Scanning Limited.

Is Piers Cavill Married?

Though Piers tries to keep his personal life separate from the public eye, it’s known that he is married and a parent. Henry revealed this information when he shared a sentimental photograph of the Cavill family on Father’s Day in 2020. He wrote

“In this here photo only one of the Cavill men was a father. Now…. a few years later, only one isn’t! Happy Father’s Day to you, my incredible father, and to you my awesome brothers! Legends to a man.

Also, for those that don’t know, this is how we dress in England all the time.”

Piers Cavill’s Net Worth

Given Piers Cavill’s lengthy military background as well as his position as Country Director for a private firm in Jersey, it’s sensible to believe that he has amassed a considerable fortune. It is believed that his net worth is approximately $500,000, which is a testament to his success in his career.

Meet Piers Cavill, Henry Cavill’s Eldest Brother: Age, Bio, Career, Love Life, Net Worth & More