Meet Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Jay Shetty’s Wife and Her Journey

Meet Radhi Devlukia-Shetty: More than Jay Shetty’s Better Half

Jay Shetty’s rise to fame as a life coach, officiator of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s grand 2022 wedding, and host of the “On Purpose” podcast is noteworthy. Yet, behind the scenes, his wife, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, has been instrumental in his success. Together since 2013 and married in 2016, this power duo has not only grown their individual social media platforms but has also co-founded two booming businesses.

A Glimpse Into Radhi’s Origins

Born in the bustling city of London to Indian parents who grew up in Africa, Radhi Devlukia-Shetty represents a delightful blend of diverse cultures. As she mentioned to Coco Eco Magazine, her life has been a vibrant fusion of London, African, and Indian influences. This rich cultural background also gifted her with linguistic skills; she’s fluent in both Gujarati and Swahili.

The Romantic Tale: How Jay Met Radhi

Love stories are aplenty, but the tale of how Jay and Radhi crossed paths is truly special. It was Radhi’s mother who inadvertently played matchmaker. As Jay recounted in his podcast, “On Purpose,” he had initially been introduced to Radhi for spiritual reasons, given his then status as a monk. The actual romance bloomed later, with a nudge from Jay’s sister, Amy.

The initial admiration was mutual, as Radhi found herself captivated by Jay’s ability to convey profound wisdom to young audiences. Their mutual admiration blossomed into a deep-rooted love, and the two exchanged vows in 2016.

The Couple’s Exciting Ventures and Late Honeymoon

Although they wed in 2016, the couple delayed their honeymoon until three years later, ultimately choosing the enchanting Bora Bora. Radhi’s Instagram posts from the trip highlight Jay’s meticulous planning to ensure every aspect of their vacation was perfect.

Beyond personal life, Radhi and Jay have successfully ventured into the business world together, co-founding Sama Tea and Joyo Sparkling Tea. Radhi’s Instagram profile proudly labels her as the co-founder of these brands, which emphasize adaptogenic botanicals and Ayurvedic ingredients.

Radhi’s Independent Flourish

Radhi isn’t merely known as Jay Shetty’s wife. She has carved a niche for herself, amassing a considerable following across various social media platforms. With a substantial 2 million followers on Instagram, a blossoming TikTok account, and a thriving YouTube channel, she primarily focuses on sharing delicious recipes and snippets of her personal life.

An influencer at heart, Radhi has successfully combined her love for Ayurveda, earning an Ayurvedic Health Counselor degree from the reputable California College of Ayurveda, with her passion for cooking. This fusion has culminated in her anticipated cookbook, “Joyfull.” Radhi’s cookbook, as she shared with PEOPLE, is deeply influenced by her Indian heritage, interspersed with culinary inspirations from her global journeys, especially her stints in New York, the UK, and Los Angeles.

Conclusion: A Power Couple in Every Sense

Jay Shetty and Radhi Devlukia-Shetty’s story isn’t just about love; it’s about partnership, mutual growth, and ambition. While Jay continues to inspire millions with his speeches, writings, and interviews with stars like John Legend and Selena Gomez, Radhi shines brightly with her ventures, showcasing her multifaceted talents to the world. Together, they stand as a testament to what love and collaboration can achieve.

Source: People