‘Mera Was Never a Priority in the Sequel’: James Wan on Amber Heard’s Reduced Role in ‘Aquaman 2’

Amidst a swirling maelstrom of speculation and internet hearsay, James Wan, the maestro behind the lens of the DC sequel “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” has stepped forward to set the record straight. The visionary director recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly, revealing insights about the anticipated blockbuster, the future of the franchise, and addressing rumors surrounding the roles of key cast members.

Rising Above Rumors and Reshoots

Before delving deep into the intricate narrative of “Aquaman 2,” Wan was quick to dispel the murkiness surrounding the supposed “disastrous post-production.” Debunking the claims of three exhaustive reshoot sessions, Wan explained, “The hardest part at first was not knowing whether ‘Aquaman’ would come out before or after ‘The Flash.’ So we just had to be ready.” He confidently declared that “Aquaman 2” stands apart, asserting, “Ultimately, the best thing I would say about this film is that it has no connection to any of those films. This is the conclusion.”

As for the whispers of Batman’s cameo – Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton to be specific – Wan left fans tantalizingly in the lurch, stating, “It’s ‘no comment’ at this point. You’ll have to wait for the movie to come out.”

The James Gunn Influence

James Wan acknowledged the brewing speculations of James Gunn’s influence on the sequel, given Gunn’s new helm at DC Studios. “I’ve known James for a long time, right? We’re horror guys, so I’m definitely open to ideas. But at the end of the day, this is my film,” Wan stated, underlining his signature touch on the aquatic venture.

Despite the enormity of producing a Hollywood spectacle, Wan remained grounded. He illuminated the challenges of coordinating the tight schedules of a star-studded cast, reassuring fans that the scattered filming sessions were more logistical than artistic decisions.

Amber Heard’s Role in Contention

Another wave of contention Wan sought to smooth over was surrounding Amber Heard’s Mera. Following her revelations during the 2022 libel trial against Johnny Depp, rumors gained traction that her screen time had dwindled due to the fallout from her high-profile divorce. Wan clarified, “The second film was always going to be Arthur and Orme. So the first one was a romantic adventure film and the second one was a bromance adventure film. Let’s leave everything as it is.”

The Future of Atlantis

As the conversation inevitably drifted towards the possibility of a third installment, Wan provided a glimmer of hope. While confirming certain narrative elements introduced in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” could pave the way for another sequel, he candidly confessed the absence of concrete plans for “Aquaman 3” on his horizon. As for taking the directorial reins again, Wan mused, “I don’t know. This movie has taken up so much of my life, so much of my time, that all I can think about right now is the long break.”

Anticipation continues to crest as fans eagerly await the cinematic return to Atlantis. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” promises to be a tidal force at the box office when it hits theaters on December 20th, presented by Warner Bros.