Miley Cyrus Reveals Emotional Moment Her Malibu Home Was Lost to Flames While Filming ‘Black Mirror’

When tragedy strikes, where are you and what are you doing? Miley Cyrus recently delved into one such poignant memory from her past.

Malibu Fires and “Black Mirror”

Cyrus has always been open with her fans, whether it’s about her music, personal life, or behind-the-scenes experiences. The 30-year-old singer recently took to TikTok as part of her “Used To Be Young” series, sharing a deeply personal memory from a few years ago.

“I was filming Black Mirror, and while I was there the Woolsey Fires happened in Malibu,” Miley shared. Even though she was physically in South Africa at the time, her heart and mind were with her home in Malibu. The emotional and geographical disconnect she felt was surreal: “I was in South Africa, but it was taking place in Malibu, so it was just a real trip.”

For those unfamiliar, Cyrus graced the screen in a pivotal season 5 episode of the renowned anthology series “Black Mirror.” She portrayed a pop star in the episode named “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” unraveling the dark sides of the glitzy entertainment world.

Facing Tragedy Head-On

However, the intensity of her role was overshadowed by the real-life disaster unfolding miles away. As her home was being consumed by flames, Miley was physically restrained for a scene: “I would have these dreams any time I would go to perform, and I thought that was just an anxious vision… But actually, as my house was burning down, I was strapped to a gurney with my hands locked in handcuffs, locked to a bed.”

Despite the devastating news, the professionalism in Cyrus shone through. Just a day after the heartbreaking update, she found herself before the cameras, encapsulating the essence of the phrase, “The show must go on.”

Describing the residence she once shared with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, Miley spoke fondly of the memories that the space held. “That house had so much magic to it,” she reminisced, adding, “It ended up really changing my life.” The Woolsey Fires left a significant mark on Malibu, with over 1600 homes, including Miley’s $2.5 million haven, being reduced to ashes.

Both Cyrus and Hemsworth publicly expressed their anguish over the incident. “My house no longer stands but the memories shared with family & friends stand strong. I am grateful for all I have left,” she had previously shared.


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But it’s not all heart-wrenching memories in the TikTok series. Miley also touched upon her relationship with pop icon Ariana Grande, reminiscing about a fun backyard performance. Wearing onesies, the duo sang for Cyrus’s Happy Hippie Foundation in 2015.

“I was flirting with her, and she was a little scared,” Miley recalled, laughing. “We were having fun! Ariana’s a real friend.”

Indeed, for Cyrus, her TikTok series serves as an avenue to candidly share snippets from her life, reminding fans that celebrities, too, have their own stories of challenges, memories, and cherished friendships.

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