National Treasure 3 is Happening: Probably Release Date, Plot, Cast & Other Details

The announcement of National Treasure 3 has given Nicolas Cage fans a reason to rejoice. The very first National Treasure movie was released in 2004 and was directed by Jon Turteltaub. It starred Nicolas Cage in the lead as Benjamin Franklin Gates, a historian and treasure hunter. The story revolved around Gates’ quest to uncover a hidden treasure that hunted for centuries.

The film proved so popular that it spawned a follow-up, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, which was released in 2007. Cage returned as Benjamin Franklin Gates who discovers a page missing from John Wilkes Booth’s diary that connects his family to the murder of President Abraham Lincoln. He sets out to seek the fabled City of Gold, Cibola, with the hope of exonerating his family’s honor.

Today, we’re going to spill everything you need to know about the upcoming National Treasure 3. 

National Treasure 3 Plot

The storyline of National Treasure: Revenge of the Puzzlemaster is being kept tightly under wraps. However, according to some reports, Nicolas Cage’s role will be to decipher challenging puzzles and stop a legendary relic from being taken by a greedy treasure hunter.

Speculation is that the National Treasure 3 movie will include characters from both the original series and the spin-off, Edge of History, suggesting it could be set in the same universe.

The National Treasure franchise is renowned for its complex storylines, combining elements of reality with make-believe. Fans can expect the upcoming installment to continue this legacy, with the potential to explore lesser-known facts and artifacts, thus combining learning and amusement.

National Treasure 3 Cast

After having previously expressed hesitancy about working with major companies such as Disney, a familiar face is rejoining the series with the comeback of Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates. This serves as a fond reminder of the franchise’s beginnings. His character, with a combination of knowledge and daring, has been the center of the series. Jerry Bruckheimer’s recent talks with Cage have caused fans to become reassured that the actor will be joining in on another treasure-seeking adventure.

In an unexpected move, Keanu Reeves is set to be part of the cast. Popular for his parts in films like John Wick, Reeves’ incorporation has evoked many conjectures. With the potential involvement of Keanu Reeves, the dynamics of the story are set to change, presenting brand new hurdles and relations.

Reeves, esteemed for his powerful roles and action-packed scenes, is sure to bring a new level of complexity to the plot. It is intriguing to consider whether Keanu Reeves, who rarely portrays bad guys, could take on the role of the treasure hunter’s adversary.

His “good guy” image in Hollywood makes it all the more interesting to watch him play a villain. This idea of Reeves facing off against Cage’s character brings an exciting element to the tale.

However, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding National Treasure 3’s casting from the production team.

When will ‘National Treasure 3’ be released?

Speculation is rampant that the third installment of the National Treasure franchise is in progress, with the script reportedly almost done and the studio eager to bring Nicolas Cage back to the big screen. However, the release date has yet to be officially revealed, so we’ll just have to wait for confirmation.

Moreover, with the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood, fans will have to wait for the official announcements until 2024.

The expectation for National Treasure 3 is intense, thanks to its renowned celebrity lineup and the potential for another exhilarating journey. It remains to be seen whether the movie will be able to measure up to the first two installments and establish brand-new standards for its narrative and cinematic experience.