NBA: Atlanta Hawks to Acquire Jerami Grant from the Portland Trail Blazers in Blockbuster Trade Deal Proposal

The Portland Trail Blazers are rebuilding their roster after the trade request from their superstar guard Damian Lillard. The Trail Blazers were considering extending Jerami Grant’s contract, but after Lillard’s trade request, they may send Grant to the Atlanta Hawks.

The Trail Blazers may send Grant to the Hawks as a part of their rebuilding process. Here is the possible trade scenario!

Jerami Grant

The Jerami Grant Trade Proposal

The Portland Trail Blazers will receive the forward De’Andre Hunter and the forward center Onyeka Onkongwu.
The Atlanta Hawks will receive the forward Jerami Grant in exchange.

The Atlanta Hawks and the Portland Trail Blazers are both under pressure to reconstruct their roster. The Hawks are rebuilding their roster around Trae Young, while the Trail Blazers still have no plans to rebuild their roster around a player.

Why Do the Atlanta Hawks Want to Acquire Jerami Grant?

Image: Portland Trail Blazers

The Atlanta Hawks are getting the best player in this trade deal. Jerami Grant is an excellent shot-creator, and he can easily guard multiple positions very well. On top of that, the forward star is a great space floor creator.

He is an ideal player for the Hawks since they can pair him with their leading star, Trae Young, to make the most out of them.

However, Grant has a higher trade value, so the Hawks have to trade some quality players to acquire him.

Why Do the Portland Trail Blazers Trading Grant to the Hawks?

Grant is an excellent, dynamic offensive player

The Portland Trail Blazers are rebuilding their roster around young players. In this deal, they will receive Onkongwu, who is a great young player but has struggled to find his position in the Hawks. However, he can fit well on the Blazers’ roster.

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Onkongwu is a great defender and has great potential to thrive in the Trail Blazers with his natural ball-picking skills. The Trail Blazers will receive two youngsters in this trade for flipping Grant, making it an ideal trade for them.