NBA: Brooklyn Nets Mikal Bridges Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Deal Brewing

The Brooklyn Nets guard and forward Mikal Bridges is likely to get traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder in the near future. First-round picks are gold in the NBA, and if money or players are not enough, a team can always use first-round picks to land any player of their desire. But not every team has enough of it, but the Thunder are no ordinary franchise. The Thunder have the biggest collection of draft picks in the whole league, and they are up for splashing it to build their dream team.

The Thunder already have a brilliant roster, and the fact that they can sign nearly any player should be a scary thought for every other team out there. The Nets, on the other hand, have enough draft picks as well, but they did not have a great season. They are likely to make changes, and every player looks tradable. Can the Thunder use their assets to acquire Mikal from the Nets? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Brooklyn Nets and the Oklahoma City Thunder involving Mikal Bridges.

The Thunder are expected to acquire Mikal Bridges from the Nets

What would the Thunder offer for Mikal Bridges?

The Thunder are expected to offer Davis Bertans, Josh Giddey, and one first-round pick each from the years 2024 and 2027 in exchange for the Nets’ #1. The Nets do not control their picks, and that would make their rebuilding process difficult if they choose to do so.

Mikal Bridges today:

27 points
13 rebounds

— NBA Retweet (@RTNBA) November 12, 2023

Why would the Nets trade-off Mikal Bridges?

The Nets want to acquire a superstar, and since this deal gives them two draft picks that they can use in the trade market to do so, they would love to get this deal done. They have not started the season on a good note. Can a superstar turn things around?

Cam Thomas and Mikal Bridges in a loss vs the Bucks:

45 PTS             31 PTS
4 REB                5 REB
3 AST               4 AST
17/33 FG 12/21 FG
6/16 3PT 1/5 3PT
5/6 FT 6/7 FT

They both are scoring machines!????

— NBA Muse (@NBAMuseAcc) November 7, 2023

Why would the Thunder like to sign Mikal Bridges?

The Thunder are opting to stick with Gilgeous Alexander rather than keeping both him and Giddey. They need a shot creating 3 and D wing and Mikal can do that pretty well. He can also guard the opposition’s best man. The Thunder have more than enough draft picks and they would not mind losing some.

Will the Nets rebuild, or will they land a superstar? How will the Thunder line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets Mikal Bridges Oklahoma City Thunder Trade Deal Brewing