NBA: Brooklyn Nets to Acquire Zion Williamson from the New Orleans Pelicans in a Massive Trade Deal

The New Orleans Pelicans acquired Zion Williams with a lot of expectations. They acquired him with the first overall draft and gave him the generational player title.

However, due to health issues, he has barely played a full season with the Pelicans during his 4-year contract. Could the Pelicans move him to the Brooklyn Nets as a result?

Zion Williamson

The Zion Williamson Trade Proposal

The New Orleans Pelicans will receive forward/center Ben Simmons, the 2025 first-round draft pick (Phoenix Suns via Brooklyn Nets), the 2027 first-round draft pick (Phoenix Suns via Brooklyn Nets), the 2029 first-round draft pick (Dallas Mavericks via Brooklyn Nets).
The Brooklyn Nets will receive forward Zion Williamson.

Williamson has been struggling with his injuries for a long time, and the Pelicans may give up him this season if he doesn’t get fit.

Similarly, on the other side, there is Ben Simmons from the Brooklyn Nets, who is also struggling with the injuries.

When Simmons was acquired by the Nets, he was compared to the superstar MVP LeBron James. However, he fell short of expectations very soon.

Could the Nets trade him to the Pelicans in order to acquire Zion Williamson?

Could the Nets Trade for Zion Williams in a Trade Deal?

Image: New Orleans Pelicans

The Brooklyn Nets are taking a huge risk by acquiring Zion Williams in this trade deal. If he doesn’t become fit, they will be left disappointed since they don’t have a lot of assets to trade for him.

But if they do trade for Williamson, they can pair him with Nic Claxton to enhance their spacing and defense. Claxton could easily guard at multiple positions and may even overcome Williamson’s shortcomings on the floor.

Could the Pelicans Send Williamson to the Nets?

Williamson has never played a full season with the Pelicans

The Pelicans want to flip their star player for a less injury-prone star alongside 3 valuable picks, making it a steal deal for them.

Simmons is also an injury-prone player like Williamson. However, he has been able to overcome his injury sooner.

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It could be an even better deal for the Pelicans if Ben Simmons becomes fit before the season kicks off.