NBA: Charlotte Hornets Miles Bridges Dallas Mavericks Trade Deal in the Works

The Charlotte Hornets’ forward Miles Bridges might play for the Dallas Mavericks in the upcoming season. The Hornets might have been decent on the court, and their off-court issues might be one of the reasons for the same. One of the players recently took it to social media and criticized a few of the teammates. The Hornets would be looking forward to making some changes that change the dynamics of their locker room.

The Mavericks have done great business this offseason after struggling last season, and they managed to keep Kyrie Irving, who was expected to leave. Now, they would like to sign some players who can share the workload with Luka Doncic and Irving. Will the Hornets’ forward be the last piece of the puzzle? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Charlotte Hornets and the Dallas Mavericks involving Miles Bridges.

Miles Bridges might play for the Mavericks next season

What would the Mavericks offer for Miles Bridges?

The Mavericks are expected to offer Josh Green and a first-round pick for the Hornets’ #0. The player has a one-year contract worth $7.9M, which makes him a free agent at the end of the upcoming season. The player can not be a part of the first 10 games next season due to suspension.

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How do you feel about this move?

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How did Miles Bridges perform in 2022?

The Michigan State Spartans product played 80 games for the Hornets in 2022 and averaged 20.2 points per game. He also managed to chart 3.8 assists and 7 rebounds per game while shooting 33.1 percent from beyond the arc and 49.1 percent from the field. Will the Mavericks not consider anything else and hope for the 25-year-old to get things going for them?

Lots of people have been claiming the Hornets have no shot of making the playoffs in 2024, lets talk about it.

In the 2021-22 season, the Hornets had a record of 43-39, making the Play-In Tournament with a big three of LaMelo Ball, Miles Bridges and Terry Rozier. However in…

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Why would the Mavericks like to sign Miles Bridges?

The Mavericks could not make it to the playoffs even after having two brilliant players on their roster. They would hope that adding Miles to the mix would solve their problems. If the trip clicks and the Mavericks get back to winning ways, they will thank the Hornets for letting them sign Bridges for this less.

Will Bridges manage to carry over his momentum from the last season he played in? Will the Hornets regret doing this deal? We’ll keep you updated.