NBA: Charlotte Hornets Terry Rozier LA Clippers Trade Deal Possible Due to Financial Reasons

The Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier might get traded to the Los Angeles Clippers this offseason. The Hornets have already made a move to complement LaMelo Ball, and they signed Brandon Miller rather than Scoot Henderson. Miller would be a better partner for LaMelo and that is why they gave up on Henderson, who everybody expected to be the Hornets target. Will Terry be another player to get traded due to compatibility?

The Louisville Cardinals product played 63 games for the Hornets last season and averaged 21.1 points, 5.1 assists, and 4.1 rebounds per game while shooting 32.7 percent from beyond the arc. The Clippers are on the receiving end of a hot trade this offseason; the Sixers’ James Harden wants to play for the Clippers. That trade is far from happening at the moment. Can they land Terry instead? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Clippers involving Terry Rozier.

Terry Rozier is expected to play for the Clippers in the upcoming season

What would the Clippers offer for Terry Rozier?

The Clippers are expected to offer Marcus Morris, Brandon Boston, Jason Preston, and a 2029 first-round pick in exchange for the Hornets’ #3. Now, the Hornets have already made up their mind about keeping LaMelo on their roster and building the squad around him. Will this prove to be enough capital in return for their player?

Charlotte needs to make a trade. They can’t walk out of free agency with Terry Rozier and without a veteran leader that plays both ends.

— Israel (@iohandles) June 30, 2023

Why would the Hornets trade-off Terry Rozier?

This deal gives the Hornets three decent players along with an unprotected draft pick. It would also make them better financially. The Hornets do not need him since LaMelo would have the rock in his hands most of the time, and if the duo plays together, it might pull both of them down.

Lowest FG% at the rim among high-volume drivers

1. Lu Dort—48.6% (Yeesh)
2. LaMelo Ball—54.0%
3. Jaden Ivey—54.7%
4. Jalen Green—55.2%
5. Terry Rozier—57.6%
6. Tari Eason—57.8%
7. Westbrook—58.7%
8. Tyrese Maxey—58.71%
9. RJ Barrett—59.0%
10. Bennedict Mathurin—59.6%


— NBA University (@NBA_University) June 25, 2023

Why would the Clippers like to sign Terry Rozier?

The Clippers want a quality scorer who can create play as well. They would love to land a ball-dominant guard since all of their players are great at off the ball movements. Rozier is a lot better than whoever they have for this job.

Will the Clippers manage to sign James Harden somehow? Will the Hornets succeed with this strategy? We’ll keep you updated.