NBA: Chicago Bulls Ready to Trade D’Angelo Russell from the Los Angeles Lakers in a High-stakes Trade Deal

The Chicago Bulls are hunting for a point guard who could provide them with an excellent playmaking style and ball handling. Could they acquire D’Angelo Russell from the Los Angeles Lakers as a result?

D’Angelo Russell

The D’Angelo Russell Trade Proposal

The Los Angeles Lakers will receive guard/forward Alex Caruso, guard Jevon Carter, and center Andre Drummond.
The Chicago Bulls will receive guard D’Angelo Russell, the 2024 second-round draft pick (LA Clippers), the 2025 second-round draft pick (LA Clippers via Los Angeles Lakers), and the 2027 second-round draft pick (Los Angeles Lakers).

The Chicago Bulls were expected to have a playoff run in the last season, as they had some great players like Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and DeMar DeRozan. But it didn’t happen.

Some folks say that the Bulls have too many ball-dominating players. As a reason, could they blow up their roster this summer and acquire D’Angelo Russell as a part of rebuilding? Could Russell be the Bulls’ primary playmaker?

Why Do the Chicago Bulls Want to Acquire D’Angelo Russell?

Image: Los Angeles Lakers

This is a fair deal for the Chicago Bulls. If they want to rebuild from scratch, they are getting 3 valuable second-round draft picks in this deal.

Alongside the valuable picks, they will receive D’Angelo Russell, who would be their ideal playmaker. The Bulls have Lonzo Ball, who is currently injured.

If he becomes healthy, then there is no point in acquiring Russell. But if he doesn’t become fit, the Lakers can’t risk their championship by not being the contenders.

Even though Russell is not as good as Ball, he could definitely be an ideal defender, shooter, and passer for the Bulls, at least until Ball is unavailable.

D’Angelo Russell getting some shots up after team USA’s losses in the FIBA WC#TheGrindNeverStops

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Could the Lakers Trade Russell to the Bulls?

By trading Russell to the Bulls, the Lakers would receive Alex Caruso, who is one of the best defensive guards in the league.

But Caruso alone can’t justify Russell’s value. So the Lakers would also receive two more youngsters alongside him, Jevon Carter and Andre Drummond.