NBA: Dallas Mavericks to Acquire Portland Trail Blazers’ Jerami Grant in a Game Changing Trade Deal

The Dallas Mavericks want to make sure they are the strong contenders for the NBA 2023-24 Season. Could they do this by acquiring a quality player like Jerami Grant from the Portland Trail Blazers?

The Mavericks have some of the best players on their roster, whether it be Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, or Grant Williams. They can easily be the contenders for the upcoming season by acquiring a quality wing defender, and Jerami Grant is their best option.

Here is the potential trade scenario between the Mavericks and Trail Blazers.

Jerami Grant

The Jerami Grant Trade Proposal

The Portland Trail Blazers will receive guard/forward Tim Hardaway Jr., center Richaun Holmes, guard/forward Josh Green, and the 2027 first-round draft pick (Dallas Mavericks).
The Dallas Mavericks will receive forward Jerami Grant.

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the strongest rosters in the league right now. With the top two superstar players Like Doncic and Irving, the Mavericks only need to work on their supporting cast.

The Mavericks are considering rebuilding around their star duo. Could they add Jerami Grant to solidify their roster?

Why Do the Dallas Mavericks Want to Trade Jerami Grant?

Image: Portland Trail Blazers

The Dallas Mavericks are looking for a defensive anchor to upgrade their roster. They can also use a versatile 3-and-D wing here.

Jerami Grant is an ideal fit for the Mavericks’ roster. He is a perfect 3-and-D wing and has the ability to create his own unique shots. Grant is the type of big man who can fit on any team’s roster in the league.

The Dallas will also try to include Josh Green in a trade deal since his contract is on an expiry.

Could the Trail Blazers Send Grant to the Mavericks?

Grant is an ideal big man for any team in NBA

The Portland Trail Blazers are rebuilding their roster from scratch, and for this, they need plenty of draft capital alongside some quality young players.

Josh Green would be an ideal fit for the Trail Blazers. Even though he is not a potential superstar player, he is super energetic and could add some value to the Blazers’ defense wing.

Sixers #39- Jerami Grant, F (2014-17)

– Drafted in 2014 (Round 2: Pick 39)
– 144 Games, 8.2 PPG, 3.9 REB, 1.9 AST

— Philly Sports Best By Number (@philly_number) September 9, 2023

We haven’t added Jaden Hardy to this trade deal because the Trail Blazers have plenty of young scorers, whether it be Anfernee Simons, Scoot Henderson, or Shaedon Sharpe. So, it makes complete sense for the Blazers to make this deal as it gets them the best returns in exchange.