NBA: Detroit Pistons James Wiseman Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deal Likely

The Detroit Pistons’ center, James Wiseman, is likely to play for the Memphis Grizzlies this offseason. Rebuilding teams tend to keep one player who can run the game on their own and trade off all other quality players they have. This gives them enough assets to focus on what lies ahead and acquire the stars they want when they rise again. The Pistons find themselves in a similar situation right now. They have probably chosen Jalen Duren as their main man and are likely to part ways with Wiseman.

The Memphis Tigers product played 24 games for the Pistons last season and averaged 12.7 points, 0.7 assists, and 8.1 rebounds per game while shooting 16.7 percent from beyond the arc. The Grizzlies are interested in acquiring the youngster. Can they make it happen? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Detroit Pistons involving James Wiseman.

The Grizzlies are expected to acquire James Wiseman from the Pistons

What would the Grizzlies offer for James Wiseman?

The Grizzlies are expected to offer Steven Adams, Kenneth Loften and one second-round pick each from the year 2026 and 2030 in exchange for the Pistons’ #13. If this trade goes through, the 22-year-old would be playing in the third team in his very short NBA career.

James Wiseman THE NUMBER 2 PICK just a few years ago…has NOT PLAYED this season DESPITE being healthy…WOW

— TheWarriorsHouse (@GSWarriorsHouse) October 29, 2023

Why would the Pistons trade-off James Wiseman?

The rebuild has been slow for the Pistons, and it was affected by Cade Cunningham’s injuries as well. They would like to change the pace of the process for the better this season. They are not acquiring players they are going to use but the players they can use as assets to land a star. Two players and two draft picks should be enough in exchange for the youngster.

James Wiseman has received 4 straight “DNP – Coach’s Decision” to start the season…

Is he officially a bust? ????

— Guru (@DrGuru_) October 31, 2023

Why would the Grizzlies like to sign James Wiseman?

The Grizzlies are at the bottom of the table in the Western Conference, and they are most likely to make multiple changes. They are doing this deal to increase the depth of their roster; they would be using James as a rotation player. We will be seeing many experiments from the Grizzlies this season.

Will the Grizzlies get better after making changes? How will the Pistons line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA: Detroit Pistons James Wiseman Memphis Grizzlies Trade Deal Likely