NBA Exec Claims James Harden Annoys the Whole Philadelphia 76ers With Travel Plans

A recent report, going viral on the internet, has revealed that some players of the Philadelphia 76ers alongside Doc Rivers weren’t happy with James Harden.

The players revealed that Harden flew to Miami to a party alone. The team had a plan to enjoy the Miami nightlife, where Harden traveled alone, without the team.

James Harden

Inside Scoop: Why James Harden’s Miami Nightlife Choices Caused Tension with Coach Rivers and Teammates

Ramona Shelburne is a popular NBA news writer from ESPN. Recently, she wrote a column about James Harden.

Shelbourne wrote:

“But Harden didn’t travel with the team to Miami, sources said.”

“He traveled separately, with permission from the front office, to enjoy the nightlife. This is not uncommon in the NBA, or for Harden, but it didn’t sit well with Rivers and several players on the team, sources said. Days later, Rivers brought it up in a team meeting, sources said, specifically mentioning several of the players who expressed concerns about Harden’s actions.”

“The whole episode was ‘uncomfortable,’ one team source said. Even if they agreed with the substance of Rivers’ message to Harden, and the idea of holding him accountable, it was awkward for the players who were named.”

Why is James Harden Done with the Sixers and Eager to Join the Clippers Despite Heavy Fines and Controversies?

Image: Philadelphia 76ers

James Harden has requested his trade from the Philadelphia 76ers and now wants to join the Los Angeles Clippers. Upon his trade request, the Sixers started to explore the best possible return for him.

However, since the Sixers were asking for a very high price, no team showed interest in Harden. He wants to be traded to the Clippers, but the Clippers can’t meet the budget.

Harden has no relations with the general manager Daryl Morey

While Harden’s behavior has been bad, and he has done some controversies in the team, the Sixers might still consider retaining him alongside Joel Embiid for the next season to become the contenders for NBA 2023-24 Season.

On the other hand, some reports have revealed that James Harden would never play with the Philadelphia 76ers again in his life. Furthermore, he has no plans to be a part of the Sixers’ training camp.

James Harden was NASTY.

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Recently, James Harden was fined for calling out the general manager of the Sixers “a liar” during his tour Adidas tour of China.