NBA: Los Angeles Clippers to Trade for Myles Turner from Indiana Pacers in a Bold Trade Deal

The Los Angeles Clippers lack a 3-and-D big man, even in the modern NBA, which is extremely rare. The Lakers are well aware of the fact how important it is to have a 3-and-D big man on the roster, but still, they don’t have any.

Could they acquire Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers as their 3-and-D big man? If they do, here is the potential trade deal!

Myles Turner

The Myles Turner Trade Proposal

The Indiana Pacers will receive forward/center Marcus Morris Sr., guard/forward Terance Mann, the 2028 first-round draft pick (LA Clippers), and the 2029 first-round draft pick (Swap – Los Angeles Clippers).
The Los Angeles Clippers will receive center Myles Turner.

Myles Turner is one of the elite big men in the league. He is seen in many trade proposals during his career. He is one of the big men in the league who cannot only protect the rim well but can also space the floor well, making him a dynamic player. Should the Lakers acquire him?

Why Do the Lakers Want to Acquire Myles Turner from the Pacers?

Image: Indiana Pacers

The Clippers already have a lot of quality players. Take Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, for example. Both of these elite shot creators can form a 3-and-D duo wing for the Lakers.

Furthermore, the Lakers are already running low on draft capital, and they might not want to exhaust their resources on an average player.

Turner is one of the best big men in the league

In this deal, the Lakers would receive Myles Turner, who is a reliable big man and can help them in contention in the league. He could bring the quality of his 3-and-D skillset to the roster.

Moreover, they can use him at every 3-and-D position, making it a great deal for them.

Could the Pacers Trade Turner to the Lakers?

The Pacers didn’t perform well in the last season, and the management is considering to rebuild the roster. Even though Turner has a great 3-and-D skillset, the Pacers couldn’t win many matches last year.

Myles Turner was truly doing some wild shit last season lol

Can’t wait to watch him ball again

— AKRiley (@AKRileyy5) September 2, 2023

The Pacers are looking for a quality pair to pair with Tyrese Haliburton alongside some valuable draft picks in exchange for their big man.

In this deal, they will receive Terence Mann, who has a lot of potential, and the Pacers could use him as a part of the rebuilding process. However, they may not be able to pair him with Haliburton.