NBA: Los Angeles Lakers to Acquire Jerrett Allen from the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Peculiar Trade Deal

Jarrett Allen is one of the injury-prone players on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ roster. Another player, Darius Garland, is also the most injured player on the Cavaliers’ roster.

However, Garland is a much-needed player for the Cavaliers. While the Cavs have Evan Mobley, who fills the void left by Allen. As a result, could the Cavaliers consider trading Allen to the Los Angeles Lakers?

Image: Cleveland Cavaliers

Los Angeles Lakers Landing Jarrett Allen – The Trade Proposal

The Los Angeles Lakers will send the guard D’Angelo Russell and the guard/forward Cam Reddish.
The Cleveland Cavaliers will send the center Jarrett Allen to the Lakers in exchange.

The Cavaliers are one of the NBA teams who have lost a big amount due to injuries. Only Allen and Garland combine a whopping $54 million as injured players on the roster. Due to this, the Cavs are suffering and have not been able to run for the title.

Could the Cavaliers change their fate by moving Allen and acquiring Russell from the Lakers?

Why Do the Cleveland Cavaliers Want to Move Jarrett Allen?

Image: Jarrett Allen

There is an obvious reason, which is why the Cavaliers are considering trading Allen: the frequent injuries. They have another player that can play at No. 5, Evan Mobley.

However, Mobley is not as good as Allen, especially when it comes to spacing the floor. Moreover, the Cavs are confused about Mobely’s position on the roster and whether they should place him on 4 or 5.

Evan Mobley looked a hell of a lot better playing in his more natural position. Yes I get, having Mobley playing 5 is a fun concept but he still ain’t a 5 in my humble opinion. Jarrett Allen’s presence allows him to do much more. #LetEmKnow

— Mack Perry (@DevaronPerry) November 4, 2023

In this deal, Cleveland will receive Garland, who could balance out the roster, as the Cavaliers don’t have Garland available right now.

Could the Los Angeles Lakers Trade for Jarrett Allen?

Allen is one of the most injury-prone players on the Cavs’ roster

The Los Angeles Lakers are taking a risk if they trade for Allen in a deal since he is an injury-prone player. But if he becomes healthy, they could figure out a way with the help of LeBron James.

With James and Allen on the roster, the Lakers could make an elite defense system, which will help to contend in the NBA 2023-24 Season.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers to Acquire Jerrett Allen from the Cleveland Cavaliers in a Peculiar Trade Deal