NBA: Miami Heat’s Kyle Lowry Trade Deal To The San Antonio Spurs In Strange Proposal

The Miami Heat’s guard and forward Kyle Lowry is expected to get traded to the San Antonio Spurs this offseason. The Heat were linked with Damian Lillard this whole summer but failed to land him. The Blazers wanted much more than what the Heat could offer, and that’s why the deal fell apart. Now, the Heat have turned their head towards some other trades.

The six-time All-Star Lowry played 55 games for the Heat last season and averaged 11.2 points, 5.1 assists and 4.1 rebounds per game while shooting 34.5 percent from beyond the arc. The Spurs want to build a quality roster around the lottery pick they have just signed and Lowry is one of the best players to start with. Can they sign him this offseason? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs involving Kyle Lowry.

The Spurs might acquire Kyle Lowry this offseason

What would the Spurs offer for Kyle Lowry?

The Spurs are expected to offer Devonte’ Graham, Reggie Bullock, and Khem Birch in exchange for the Heat’s #7 and a 2026 second-round pick. The Heat made it to the NBA championship finals last season, where they lost to the Denver Nuggets, and it is likely that they would not like to make much changes. At the same time, the Spurs are building their core and would be happy to land a star player.

Two things to keep in mind.

1) The Blazers not asking for Tyler Herro opens up a ton of ways for the Heat to get a deal done without including Tyler.

2) The closer we get to the trade deadline, the more valuable Kyle Lowry’s expiring contract becomes

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Why would the Spurs like to sign Kyle Lowry?

The Spurs just signed Victor Wembanyama by exploiting the lottery system and now they are on course to build a competitive roster around him. Having a veteran would give a huge boost to the strength of the squad. The Spurs would be more than happy to land an experienced player since he would be able to mentor the youngsters, too.

The Lakers reportedly went after Dame Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Trae Young, and Kyle Lowry this offseason

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Why would the Heat trade-off Kyle Lowry?

Kyle is aging, and he is not as great as he once was. The Heat would be happy to get some return for their veteran, which they can use either as assets or rotation players.

Will the Heat carry their momentum to the next season? Will the Spurs be the dark horse? We’ll keep you updated.