NBA News: Carmelo Anthony above LeBron James and Stephen Curry? New York Knicks legend claimed to be better scorer than Hall-Of-Famers

Six-time All-NBA team member Carmelo Anthony is one of the finest scorers in the league and also has a lot of self-confidence. The former basketball player has played a total of 19 seasons in the NBA and has a decent record as a scorer in the NBA. The 6″7′ was also a 10-time All-NBA player.

On The Dan Patrick Show, Melo said something that caught everyone’s attention. On the show, he called himself better than the King James and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Carmelo Anthony tells @dpshow he believes he’s a better scorer than LeBron or Curry …. he feels he has to have that mindset.

— Andrew Perloff (@andrewperloff) April 28, 2016

This resulted in discussions among the NBA fans, and most of them seemed to disagree with Melo. King James and Curry both have a very solid fanbase and they can’t let go of this kind of thing.

Comparison between Carmelo Anthony, Stephen Curry and LeBron James

2015-16 PPG

Carmelo: 21.8
LeBron: 25.3
Stephen: 30.1

Career PPG

Carmelo: 24.9
LeBron: 27.2
Stephen: 22.4

Scoring Titles

Carmelo: 1
LeBron: 1
Stephen: 1

According to stats, it is quite evident that LeBron and Steph have been better than Melo. Carmelo Anthony keeping himself above LeBron and Curry is quite surprising, most of the fans disagree with him, and there are a lot of reasons behind the disagreement. Melo had no team-wide success, and his numbers kept declining therefore, it is quite weird of him putting himself above the two NBA greats.

Carmelo Anthony’s overall career

Melo played 19 seasons with 6 different teams which includes Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks. He had a very impressive career and is considered one of the finest scorers in the league but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to win any championship ring. He also won the scoring title in the 2012-13 season where he had an average of 28.7 points per game. Melo also won three gold medals with the United States men’s basketball team. He also led the Syracuse Orange to the NCAA Championship in 2003 after which he entered the World of NBA.

Melo announced his retirement this year through a social media post. He was truly one of the skilled players who had a very successful career. Although a championship ring would have been the cherry on the cake, still nobody can deny the legacy that Melo left behind and he will always have the respect of true NBA lovers.