NBA News: Despite winning Championship alongside Stephen Curry, Matt Barnes names ringless Point Guard as GOAT

Matt Barnes played a total of 14 seasons in the NBA and won his first championship with the Golden State Warriors in his last season(2017). Currently, he is working as a basketball analyst for ESPN. Matt Barnes played for multiple teams in his entire NBA journey which started from 2003-2017. He was considered a strong and versatile player during his time.
Matt won his first NBA championship ring in 2017 while playing for GSW, but the former believes that he had a very small impact on the star-studded team that season. Barnes considers it as a “free ride,” and it seems like he doesn’t even count that championship ring.

That season, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson played a major role in leading the Warriors to the championship. The duo did the same in 2015, too. They added Kevin Durant in 2017 which made the team one of the strongest that season.

Fun facts about the Warriors’ record-setting 2017 NBA Championship Rings ????????

— Golden State Warriors (@warriors) October 24, 2017

Matt Barnes calls Russell Westbrook a GOAT?

There’s a section of fans who don’t consider Russell Westbrook as a great player, they feel he is too aggressive and uncontrolled on court. While some fans noticed that Russell was a misfit in the Lakers, and that was affecting his performance, there seemed to be a lack of coordination. It is quite an interesting topic to debate on.

In an interview with DJ Vlad on YouTube, Matt was heard calling Russell Westbrook a GOAT. Some other analysts have the same opinion as that of Matt. They believe Russ needs to be given more chances because he is the kind of player who needs the ball in his hand most of the time in play. Matt said in the interview that it’s up to LeBron if he can let Russ play naturally. Matt Barnes also said that the Lakers will find the rhythm only when they allow Russel to play freely. This indirectly means the star players LeBron and Anthony Davis will have to take a step back and let Russ lead the game the way he wants. Well, Russell has been traded to a new team and is not a part of the Lakers anymore.