NBA News: Dismissing 30 minute restriction, LeBron James receives GOAT title by NBA Champ

We have seen LeBron James doing heroics on court all these years; his aura is unmatched. He is now 38 and currently playing his 21st NBA season. Initially, there was a report going all around that the star player would spend only 28-30 minutes on the court. In the first game, LeBron spent only 29 minutes on the court. After that, he managed to play more and currently is averaging 35.7 minutes per game. A lot of people, including former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, applauded him for this spirit.

LeBron James’ season opener game

LeBron’s spending only 29 minutes in the season opener kind of confirmed the speculation of his 28-30 minutes of gameplay this season but later on LeBron dismissed it by playing for a longer time. Well, people thought that since LeBron is 38 now, he must maintain a workload, but it seems like King James is not old yet and ready to take on challenges and compete with the youngster.

Kendrick Perkins on LBJ

On the show “First Take”, Kendrick Perkins was seen appreciating LeBron’s dedication and hard work. He called LeBron the GOAT and clearly stated that there was no other star player who was this good at the age of 38. There is a never-ending GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, and if we compare the 38-year-old LBJ with 38-year-old MJ, LeBron comes out as the winner.

At this age, LBJ still had an average of 38 minutes per game. On the other hand, Jordan at the age of 38 years had an average of 22.9 minutes per game. Though this stat can’t be a decider in the GOAT debate, it still says a lot. In today’s world, LeBron is the face of the world, and it would be very difficult for other players to take up that spot.

“This is why LeBron James is the GOAT. Because your GOAT wasn’t doing this at 38 years of age. … We have been searching and trying to find a new person to take over the throne of being the face of the league, and we can’t put a finger on that yet.”


— First Take (@FirstTake) November 2, 2023

Though LeBron James has been phenomenal, he could not help his team to get a better start. The prime reason for the poor start is the players suffering from injuries. It is going to be a challenging season for the Lakers. Let’s see how the LA Lakers move forward in the league.

NBA News: Dismissing 30 minute restriction, LeBron James receives GOAT title by NBA Champ