NBA News: Following Magic Johnson’s claims, Rasheed Wallace also made a huge statement in hypothetical battle vs Stephen Curry and superteam

Magic Johnson was seen defending his team via a post on Twitter. Around 2017, the Golden State Warriors were one of the finest teams and are still believed as one of the strongest teams in NBA history. GSW star Klay Thompson was heard claiming to be better than the Lakers, to which Magic replied and said that his Team would beat the Warriors (referring to Golden State Warriors).
The 2017-18 Golden State Roster was full of amazing talents that registered their name in NBA history as one of the greatest NBA teams. They had Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and other stars which made them look unbeatable in front of other teams.

Magic Johnson’s reply to Klay Thompson and Draymond Green

During a media interaction, when Draymond Green was asked if the Warriors’ defense in the finals put them among the best teams of all time, Green replied:

No, we’ve got two more wins before you can even consider saying that. And I don’t look at the, ‘Are you the best team of all time, are we the best team of all time?’ Because I think it’s all subjective. To say we’re better than the Showtime Lakers, how can you say that? We can never play them.

Klay Thompson interrupted and said:

We are better than the Showtime Lakers

Magic Johnson went on Twitter to reply to it.

I disagree with Mychal Thompson and his son Klay, my “Showtime” Lakers would beat the Warriors.

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) June 7, 2016

Rasheed Wallace’s Thought on the Warriors

In an interview with Taylor Rooks, Rasheed Wallace said:

Oh, we’d run through them. Not even close, We play defense.

He went on criticizing the defense part of the Warriors and was highly confident in his team. He claimed that the 2004 Pistons would beat GSW very easily.

This was not the first time that anyone claimed to defeat the Warriors. There have been multiple chances where players have said that they would beat the GSW easily. GSW during 201 had the best players and they looked flawless at that time. Under Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors were a big threat to every opposition. They had players like Curry, Klay, Green and Co. The team is truly one of the finest NBA teams ever, without any doubt.