NBA News: Judging by his past, Dillon Brooks should think twice before talking trash to LeBron James

Known for his trash-talking habits, Dillon Brooks once again made headlines for talking trash to LeBron James. After the controversy with LeBron in the last season, Dillon is now seen as a villainous character in the NBA realm. Last season, Brooks called LeBron “old” and said several other things that didn’t go well with fans. Though LeBron had the last laugh since he beat the Brooks team.

“I poke bears. I don’t respect anyone until they come and give me 40.” Dillon Brooks said on LeBron in the last season

After getting defeated, Brooks showed no regret for his trash-talking and said that he was a competitor and loved to compete. Passing baseless comments and that too on King James didn’t go well with the fans and they all started hating on him. After this event of trash-talk, Brooks is now regarded as the “Villain” in the NBA. The controversy happened during the 2023 Western Conference NBA Playoffs, Memphis Grizzlies vs. LA Lakers series. The Lakers won it at the end and LeBron did reply to Brooks’s comments on him.

“If you ever see me fighting in the forest with a Grizzly bear, help the bear.” LeBron said

Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets

Before the Laker vs Houston faceoff this season, Dillon Brooks in an interview said that he is ready to lock him(LeBron) up. Seems like he has not learned lessons from last season’s episode and is being rigid.

“I’m ready to lock him up.” ????

Dillon Brooks on facing LeBron

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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 7, 2023

The two teams faced each other in this season on 9th Nov, and Houston Rockets won it by 128-94. LeBron scored 18 points with 6 rebounds and 2 assists but could not help his team win the match. Even though Dillon ended up on the winning side that does not justify his disrespectful comments toward LeBron James.

Dillon Brooks vs LeBron James Stats

The two played a total of 18 games against each other, out of which 12 were regular season games while the other 6 were playoff games. Out of 18 games, LeBron James won 13 while Brooks won only 5.

Average Points

LeBron: 23.8
Brooks: 10.3

Average Rebounds

LeBron: 9.2
Brooks: 3.3

Average Assists

LeBron: 6.7
Brooks: 2.1

Average Steals

LeBron: 0.9
Brooks: 0.5

NBA News: Judging by his past, Dillon Brooks should think twice before talking trash to LeBron James