NBA News: LA Lakers Zach LaVine Trade Plans Revealed! D’Angelo Russell or Austin Reaves – Who’s on the Chopping Block?

Trade rumors surrounding Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine have gained momentum, with the Los Angeles Lakers emerging as a potential landing spot. LaVine’s ties to the Lakers through Klutch Sports and his Hollywood connection have fueled speculation.

Despite LaVine’s struggles this season, he could be the missing piece to elevate the Lakers in the Western Conference.

Evaluating Potential Lakers Trades for Zach LaVine

Trade Proposal 1: D’Angelo Russell Deal

The Lakers could consider offering D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, and Jalen Hood-Schifino, a top-eight-protected first-round pick in 2029, and a second-round pick in 2025 to acquire Zach LaVine.

D’Angelo Russell, a borderline All-Star point guard, would address the Bulls’ need for a playmaker, averaging 18 points, 6 assists, and 3 rebounds this season with a 56.1% effective field goal percentage. Hachimura and Hood-Schifino provide additional depth, while the draft picks sweeten the deal.

Trade Proposal 2: The Austin Reaves Option

Alternatively, the Lakers could explore a trade centered around Austin Reaves. The proposed deal includes Austin Reaves, Rui Hachimura, Gabe Vincent, a first-round pick swap in 2028, and a lottery-protected first-round pick in 2030 for Zach LaVine.

Austin Reaves, despite a slow start in the current season, has showcased versatility, evolving into a valuable asset. Rui Hachimura’s inclusion, once again, adds depth and potential, and the additional draft picks compensate for the departure of key players.

Ima just set this on your timeline

“I would love to play with LeBron James and a dominant big man”

– Zach Lavine

— ⁶ (@SpeakContext) November 10, 2023


While the D’Angelo Russell trade brings an established playmaker to the Chicago Bulls, the Austin Reaves option provides a younger, intriguing prospect with significant potential. Russell’s borderline All-Star status could immediately impact the Bulls’ performance, but Reaves’ versatility and cost-effective contract make him a compelling long-term investment.

The Bulls must weigh the benefits of immediate impact against future potential in deciding which trade aligns better with their objectives.

As trade talks intensify, the decision between D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves remains crucial for both the Lakers and the Bulls. Russell offers immediate impact, while Reaves presents a promising long-term investment. The outcome will shape the dynamics of both teams in the highly competitive Western Conference, and fans eagerly await the resolution of this trade saga.

NBA News: LA Lakers Zach LaVine Trade Plans Revealed! D’Angelo Russell or Austin Reaves – Who’s on the Chopping Block?