NBA News: Steve Kerr sees similarities between younger Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunders and the Golden State Warriors faced each other on 4 November. Though OKC lost to the Warriors by 139-141 their gameplay impressed everyone. A lot of people are comparing the current OKC team to the GSW’s team during 2012-13 time. After the game finished, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was seen appreciating OKC and at the same time, his statement was kind of alerting words for other teams.

“These guys are coming, You could feel it last year, and now they have Chet back healthy, obviously playing at a high level. He’s really added a different dimension to their team. … OKC’s coming and they’re loaded with talent, extremely well coached… We know that they’re going to be a factor all year.” Kerr said.

Oklahoma City Thunders have the best Young Core

In the NBA Preseason General Manager Survey, the Oklahoma City Thunders got a 73% vote for having the best young core. Most of the general managers believed that OKC has the brightest future as compared to any other. The team is full of young talents like Jalen Williams, Jaylin Williams, and rookie Chet Holmgren. All the players bring fresh energy and a lot of excellent gameplay on-court.

Similarities between the 2012-13 Golden State Warriors and present OKC

During the 2012-13 NBA season, the Warriors were full of young talented members. Though they had an average season, the players from that time shined, and right now, they are on the list of finest players of the league. With talents like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green the Warriors excelled in the league. Just like that young GSW team, the Oklahoma City Thunders, too, want to be on that same page.

“These guys are coming. Everyone can feel it.”

Kerr knows the Thunder are going to be a problem ????

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) November 4, 2023

Fans believe that they are going to be one of the biggest in the upcoming years. With the heavy praise of GSW’s head coach after the recent game, it became quite clear that it won’t be easy for the opponent to win against OKC. Steve already warned them, and now it is going to be fun to see young ones of Thunders giving tough times to the opponents. They are just like an underdog; no one knows much about their gameplay.

NBA News: Steve Kerr sees similarities between younger Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder