NBA News: Stuck in GOAT debate alongside Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson didn’t mince words when talking about 2016 GSW vs Showtime Lakers matchup

Magic Johnson vs. Stephen Curry, there has been a debate going on between NBA fans over who is the greatest point guard among Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson. On ESPN’s “First Take”, Stephen A. Smith said that he believes that Stephen Curry is the best PG of all time. To this, Jordan who also played with Johnson, reacted and said that he differs from Smith’s opinion on the greatest PG, as according to him Curry is nothing in front of Magic Johnson.

Well, this is one of the hot topics right now. Some fans think that Steph still has time to prove himself as the greatest PG. Some people have already considered Magic as one of the greatest PGs, and they feel that Steph won’t be able to match up to Magic.

Magic Johnson disagreed with Klay Thompson

In a media interaction, a reporter asked the GSW player Draymond Green if he thinks his team is one of the best teams of all time, Green replied :

No, we’ve got two more wins before you can even consider saying that. And I don’t really look at, ‘Are you the best team of all time, are we the best team of all time?’ Because I think it’s all subjective, To say we’re better than the ‘Showtime’ Lakers, how can you say that? We can never play them.

At that time Klay was seated with Green, and he interrupted and claimed that they were better than the Lakers and smiled a little. His exact words were :

We were better than the ‘Showtime’ Lakers

The smile after he said this made most of the people think that he said it as a joke. But later on, Magic Johnson replied to it on Twitter and said that he disagreed with Klay and defended his team.

I disagree with Mychal Thompson and his son Klay, my “Showtime” Lakers would beat the Warriors.

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) June 7, 2016

Comparison between Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry

NBA Championships

Steph: 4
Magic: 5

Playoffs Played

Steph: 9
Magic: 13

All-Star Games

Steph: 9
Magic: 12

Season MVP

Steph: 2
Magic: 3

Final MVP

Steph: 1
Magic: 3

Total Points

Steph: 21,712
Magic: 17,707

Total Rebounds

Steph: 4179
Magic: 6559

Total Assists

Steph: 5740
Magic: 10,141

Total Steals

Steph: 1419
Magic: 1724

Total Blocks

Steph: 207
Magic: 374

Total Games

Steph: 882
Magic: 906

Stephen Curry has been performing well in recent times but fans are still not sure about him being the greatest PG of all time.