NBA: NY Knicks Julius Randle Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Deal On the Way

The New York Knicks’ power forward, Julius Randle, is likely to get traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves in the near future. The Knicks have a talented roster, but they are still looking for a franchise player. They have been linked with the likes of Joel Embiid, Pascal Siakam, and some of the Bulls’ veterans as well. Adding a star who they can rely on and build their center around would make the Knicks a strong contender for the title.

The Knicks have not started the season well, and they are sitting in 11th position in the Eastern Conference after losing 4 of their six games this season. This is not the performance they would have expected, and now we might see some quick actions from the management. The Timberwolves want to part ways with Karl Anthony Towns, and the Knicks might acquire him to get back into the contention race. Can the Timberwolves take Randle in return to fix their issues? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the New York Knicks and the Minnesota Timberwolves involving Julius Randle.

The Knicks might trade off Julius Randle very soon

What would the Timberwolves offer for Julius Randle?

The Timberwolves are expected to offer Karl Anthony Towns in exchange for the Knicks’ #30, Isaiah Hartenstein and one protected first-round pick. Both the teams are getting what they need at the moment, and this deal is likely to go through.

Brunson and Randle had a disagreement last game and one guy walked away with bad body language.

I’m wondering if there is some internal stuff going on behind the scenes.


— Big Knick Energy (@BigKnickEnergy_) November 4, 2023

How did Julius Randle perform last season?

The Kentucky Wildcats product played 77 games for the Knicks last season and averaged 25.1 points per game. He also charted 4.1 assists and ten rebounds per game while shooting 34.3 percent from beyond the arc.

Windhorst: “I’m not as worried about Knicks”

Bontemps: “I do think Knicks will be fine”

“[But] they can’t afford to have Julius Randle just be bad”

MacMahon: “Well…For the majority of the players on the roster [big-trade-buzz] uncertainty isn’t that easy to deal with”…

— New York Basketball (@NBA_NewYork) November 3, 2023

Why would the Timberwolves like to sign Julius Randle?

The Timberwolves acquired Rudy Gobert last season to cover up for Karl’s shortcomings, but the duo failed to deliver. Now, the Timberwolves are likely to replace either of the two, and since Karl would bring better returns, he is more likely to go. Two-time NBA All-Star Julius is expected to replace him and pair with Rudy.

Will the Knicks be able to rise after signing Karl? How will the Knicks line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA: NY Knicks Julius Randle Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Deal On the Way