NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Clint Capela Houston Rockets Trade Deal Happening Soon

The Atlanta Hawks’ center Clint Capela is likely to get traded to the Houston Rockets in the coming days. The Rockets have been a successful franchise; they have been successful every now and then. But they have been struggling for three seasons now, and a fanbase that is used to glory is having a hard time with their team. The Rockets blew their roster and initiated a rebuild by tanking, and everything paid off this summer.

The Rockets spilled money this summer, and they are set to contend for the title this season. They have a talented roster and they would be eyeing a good finish to the regular season to begin with and cruising past teams in the playoffs later. But they do have their weak links, and that is where they need to work to achieve their dreams. They do not have a backup big man. Can they bring back a player from their good days to consolidate their chances of living a similar life again? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Atlanta Hawks and the Houston Rockets involving Clint Capela.

The Rockets might trade for Clint Capela this season

What would the Rockets offer for Clint Capela?

The Rockets are expected to offer Victor Oladipo, Jock Landale, and a 2024 first-round pick in exchange for the Hawks’ #15. Was tanking for three seasons a good strategy by the Rockets? Couldn’t they do it the Hawks’ way by waiting for their franchise player to get ready and then surrounding him with talent and veterans?

CLUTCH block by Clint Capela ????

— Hawks Nation (@HawksNationCP) November 15, 2023

Why would the Hawks trade-off Clint Capela?

The Hawks are doing this trade to give more time to Onyeka Onkongwu who seems to be their future choice. Onyeka has been better than Capela for the Hawks and this might be the right time to trade off Clint. They are getting two players and a draft pick, which should be enough for them.

Clint Capela over his last 20 games (including playoffs)

9.0 points
9.5 rebounds
1.4 blocks

61.1% from the field
56.5% from the FT line

— Karce (@Karsonnnn) November 16, 2023

Why would the Rockets like to sign Clint Capela?

The Rockets is done with their rebuild, and they were going to trade off the draft pick anyways. Since this trade gives them a rim protector who can offer vertical spacing, this is where they are likely to send it. They are going into the win-now mode.

Will the Rockets be able to live up to the expectations? How will the Hawks line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA Rumors: Atlanta Hawks Clint Capela Houston Rockets Trade Deal Happening Soon