NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Anthony Davis Los Angeles Lakers Bold Trade Deal Suggested by Famous NBA Writer

A hypothetical trade proposal involving Anthony Davis and Jaylen Brown is buzzing in the NBA community thanks to a mega proposal by a popular NBA writer.

The NBA trade season is coming to an end, and most of the deals have already been locked between NBA teams. However, there are still some trade deals, which could blow up the fans’ minds.

Anthony Davis

Zach Buckley, a popular NBA news writer from Bleacher Report has come up with a mega blockbuster trade proposal between the two rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics.

In this hypothetical trade proposal, the Lakers will send their superstar player, Anthony Davis to the Celtics in exchange for Jaylen Brown. Here is the possible trade scenario!

The Anthony Davis Hypothetical Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers will receive Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams.
The Boston Celtics will receive Anthony Davis.

If this deal takes place this season, it would be one of the biggest trade deals in recent times and it would completely change the landscape of the league.

Why Do the Boston Celtics Want to Acquire Anthony Davis?

Image: Los Angeles Lakers

The Boston Celtics will receive the best front-court player in the league, who they can pair up with their Jayson Tatum.

In the past season, the Celtics have not been able to find an ideal pair for Tatum, but Davis could be an ideal option.

By acquiring Davis, the Celtics will have completely different dynamics and they will easily contend in the upcoming NBA Season.

Why Do the Lakers Want to Trade Anthony Davis to the Celtics?

The Los Angeles Lakers might make this deal to acquire young players like Robert Williams in the deal. Besides Williams, the Lakers will also add a star player like Jaylen Brown, who could help them contend in the NBA 2023-24 Season.

Wiggins posterizing Anthony Davis was pure savage ????

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However, it is just a hypothetical trade proposal, and the chances of this proposal taking place are close to none.