NBA Rumors: Indiana Pacers Buddy Hield Golden State Warriors Trade Deal Budding

The Indiana Pacers forward and guard Buddy Hield might get traded to the Golden State Warriors this summer. The Warriors have been contenders for a while. They are really golden at the moment. The 2022 champions narrowly missed out on their consecutive title and since they know that eras come to an end, they would like to win another championship before their purple patch ends.

The Oklahoma Sooners product Hield played 80 games for the Pacers last season and averaged 16.8 points, 2.8 assists, and 5 rebounds per game while shooting 42.4 percent from beyond the arc. His shooting is what makes him a target many times, and the Warriors are eyeing to land him as well. Can they make it happen? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors involving Buddy Hield.

Buddy Hield might get traded to the Warriors this summer

What would the Warriors offer for Buddy Hield?

The Warriors might offer Chris Paul and a 2026 first-round pick in exchange for Buddy Hield and Daniel Theis. The dynamics of the game have changed over the years, and now teams usually prefer to have quality shooters on their roster than relying on long twos. The Warriors want to do the same.

Scoring leaders from the 2016 Draft Class:

1. Buddy Hield – 8,807 points
2. Jaylen Brown – 8,428
3. Pascal Siakam – 8,010
4. Brandon Ingram – 7,924
5. Domantas Sabonis – 7,471

— Matt (@sixringsofsteeI) August 30, 2023

Why would the Warriors like to sign Buddy Hield?

A lot of things depend on how Chris Paul performs for the Warriors and it is likely that he will decline since he is growing old. They can choose to wait and see how it rolls, and if it is not what they expect they can trade off their legendary guard. Hield would be a brilliant addition to the roster due to his shooting capabilities and they will land Daniel in the deal as well.

Buddy Hield in ‘22-‘23:

• 288 3PM (2nd in NBA)
• 42.5 3P%—8.5 3PA/g
• 43.8% Pull-Up 3P%—194 3PA
• 47.6% Corner 3P%
• 66.6 EFG% in Transition
• 1.23 Spot-Up PPP (3rd in NBA)
• 86th percentile +/- (+6.6)
• 39.4 Clutch 3P%

One of the best shooters the NBA has seen…

— NBA University (@NBA_University) August 28, 2023

Why would the Pacers let Buddy Hield go?

This deal gives the Pacers an experienced point guard and an invaluable draft pick. The latter is the main reason for the Pacers to do this trade. Losing players might hurt, but the Pacers are nowhere close to contending, and this is good business.

Will the Warriors give up their draft pick, considering they might have to make changes if things go south? How would Hield’s absence affect the Pacers? We’ll keep you updated.