NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Eyeing Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks to Acquire in a Game-Changing Trade Deal

The Los Angeles Lakers are hunting for a star guard this summer. The Lakers want a dynamic guard who can be their playmaker and can be paired with their superstar player, LeBron James.

While the Lakers already have a quality guard like D’Angelo Russell, he can’t be a dynamic player and also can’t be paired with James. Could the Lakers acquire the star guard Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks?

Image: Atlanta Hawks

The Trae Young Trade Proposal

The Atlanta Hawks will receive the guard D’Angelo Russell, the forward Rui Hachimura, the forward center Jarred Vanderbilt, a 2028 first-round draft pick (Swap – Los Angeles Lakers), a 2029 First Round Draft Pick (Los Angeles Lakers), and a 2030 First-Round Draft Pick (Swap – Los Angeles Lakers).
The Los Angeles Lakers will receive the guard Trae Young in exchange.

The Lakers are rebuilding their roster with young and quality players. They are rebuilding around their superstar player, LeBron James, who is also their primary playmaker. But they need a dynamic young guard. Could they bet on Trae Young as a result?

Could the Lakers Acquire Trae Young From the Hawks?

Image: Trae Young

The Los Angeles Lakers want to form the best dynamic trio in the league. As a result of rebuilding their roster, they would need a young guard like Trae Young, but they also need to trade their guard D’Angelo Russell for this.

They could create their trio with Young, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis. While Young is a skilled guard, he is a poor defender, but Davis can fill the void left by Young.

Anthony Davis could overcome Young’s shortcomings

While the Lakers are low on draft capital, they are not giving away a lot of valuable assets in this deal. So, it makes sense to do this deal with the Atlanta Hawks.

Why Do the Atlanta Hawks Want to Trade Young to the Lakers?

The Atlanta Hawks are not getting the best deal in this trade, but they will gain significant value in return. Trae Young is not the best defender on the roster, and his dominant style is a concern for the Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks will agree on a trade request from young superstar Trae Young.

The teams most interested in him are the Lakers, Celtics, Nets, and Heat.

— Shams Charania (@ShomsChorania) September 1, 2023

Moreover, if they put Young the youngster in an open trade, his trade value will be diminished. So, it makes sense to trade him in this deal.