NBA Rumors: New Orleans Pelicans to Trade for Trae Young from Atlanta Hawks in Blockbuster Trade Deal

The Atlanta Hawks have been rebuilding their roster around the guard Trae Young. However, they have been unsuccessful in building a 2-way team around him because of the fact that Young is a poor defender.

Could the Hawks further improve defense around Young or would they simply trade him to the New Orleans Pelicans?

Trae Young

The Trae Young Trade Proposal

The Atlanta Hawks will receive guard CJ McCollum, the 2024 first-round draft pick (Los Angeles Lakers via New Orleans Pelicans), the 2025 first-round draft pick (Milwaukee Bucks via New Orleans Pelicans), and a 2026 First-Round draft Pick (Swap – New Orleans Pelicans).
The New Orleans Pelicans will receive the guard Trae Young.

Could the Hawks Trade Trae Young to the Pelicans?

Image: Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks acquired Trae Young to pair with Dejournte Murray and create a dynamic duo. However, the duo didn’t workout well for them. This happened due to the poo shooting skills of Murray alongside the dynamic guard.

In this deal, the Hawks will recieve CJ McCollum who will be the Hawks’ secondary playmaker, who can play alongside Murray.

Young is just 24 years old

However, the Hawks should also consider that Young is younger than McCollum. Furthermore, McCollum is not a dynamic player like Young.

But this deal makes sense since the Hawks will also gain 2 first round picks alongside a swap, giving them a substantial amount of valuable draft capital to secure their future.

Could the Pelicans Acquire Trae Young from the Hawks?

Trae Young dropping 48 Points, 11 Assists, and 7 Rebounds in the 2021 Playoffs to steal a win on the road against the eventual Champion Bucks

— ????????‍♂️???? (@Precision85) September 3, 2023

By acquiring Trae Young, the Pelicans want to form their dynamic trio which includes Young, Zion Williamson, and Brandon Ingram.

Furthermore, the Pelicans would use other players Herb Jones, Larry Nance Jr., Trey Murphy III, and Dyson Daniels around the dynamic to make the game and score high. It would be very risky if this trio didn’t work well for the Pelicans.