NBA Star Stephen Curry Eyes Future Team Ownership

Stephen Curry, the illustrious point guard for the Golden State Warriors, is not just a name synonymous with breathtaking three-pointers and on-court wizardry. At 35, Curry continues to dazzle in the NBA, maintaining a stellar average of 30.7 points across 11 games this season. His journey with the Warriors, spanning 15 years, has been nothing short of legendary. Four NBA championships and a record-breaking 73-9 regular season in 2016 stand as testaments to his extraordinary talent. However, as Curry navigates through his career, thoughts of retirement and life beyond the basketball court have begun to surface.

Stephen Curry’s Post-Retirement Dream

In a revealing interview on ‘Dub’s Talk’ with Monte Poole and Dalton Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area, Curry expressed a bold aspiration: owning an NBA franchise. His answer to the possibility of such a venture was a confident “Absolutely.” Curry’s interest lies not just in the glamour of ownership, but in the intricate workings of the NBA as a business entity. His vision extends beyond just winning; it’s about being part of an ownership group that resonates with his enthusiasm and commitment to community engagement.

Curry’s Ownership Dream

“Absolutely. Understanding how the business is run and what all goes into this huge behemoth of an operation, it fascinates you to understand where the is the future headed? …I just want to be a part of an ownership group that is as excited, as I would be to obviously win, and be in a position where you are connecting with the community.”

Addressing the Need for Diversity in Ownership

Curry’s ambition also carries a significant cultural and social undertone. The NBA currently faces a conspicuous absence of black-owned teams. Michael Jordan’s recent divestment from the Charlotte Hornets has further highlighted this issue. As Curry eyes ownership, he also advocates for racial and gender equality in sports, recognizing the importance and impact of having black-owned teams in the league.

Beyond Court: Curry’s Vision

Adam Silver’s Role in Shaping the NBA’s Future

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been vocal about the league’s potential expansion. Recent discussions have included the possibility of establishing franchises in international locations like Mexico City and Canadian cities like Vancouver and Montreal. Silver’s vision aligns well with Curry’s aspirations, especially with the league considering adding teams in Seattle and Las Vegas. The expansion, according to Silver, hinges on the expiration of the league’s current TV rights, opening avenues for substantial financial growth.

Fun fact:

Stephen Curry is the only NBA player born in Akron, Ohio with 3 titles for the same franchise

— Jay???? (@DubsFanJay) May 11, 2020

Curry’s Potential Role in NBA Expansion

Curry, currently the eighth highest-paid athlete globally with earnings of $100.4 million (Forbes, 2023), is well-positioned to transition into an ownership role. His business acumen, combined with his popularity and understanding of the NBA’s dynamics, makes him a formidable candidate for future franchise ownership. The NBA’s expansion plans and the urgent need for diversity in ownership could pave the way for Curry to realize his dream, potentially changing the face of the league.

Stephen Curry’s Game-Changer

Conclusion: Stephen Curry’s Visionary Leap

Stephen Curry‘s intent to own an NBA team is more than just a retirement plan; it’s a step towards diversifying league ownership and a testament to his business savvy. His alignment with Adam Silver’s expansion goals adds a layer of feasibility to his dreams. As Curry continues to excel on the court, his off-court ambitions might soon revolutionize the NBA, making him a game-changer in more ways than one.

NBA Star Stephen Curry Eyes Future Team Ownership