NBA: Stars Aligning For Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby Philadelphia Sixers Trade Deal

The Toronto Raptors forward, OG Anunoby, is likely to get traded to the Philadelphia Sixers this offseason. Damian Lillard started the trend of star players asking for a trade this season, and the Sixers’ James Harden continued it by requesting a move to the Clippers. Although Damian could not make it to his desired team and landed in Milwaukee Bucks, James has succeeded in moving to his preferred destination, the Los Angeles Clipper. The Sixers need to fill the void, and they are looking for a star. How about the Raptors’ Anunoby?

The Indiana Hoosiers product played 67 games for the Raptors last season and averaged 16.8 points, two assists and five rebounds per game while shooting 38.7 percent from beyond the arc. The Raptors were already looking for suitors for the 26-year-old, and if the Sixers make a good offer, they have high chances of adding him to their roster. Can they make it happen? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia Sixers involving OG Anunoby.

The Sixers are likely to acquire OG Anunoby this season

What would the Sixers offer for OG Anunoby?

The Sixers are expected to offer Marcus Morris and one first-round pick each from the years 2028 and 2029 in exchange for the Raptors’ #3. The Raptors have two paths right open for them: they can either rebuild with the young talent they have, or they can make a win-now trade. What would they choose?

Harrison Barnes and picks for OG Anunoby is probably the most sensible trade for both sides on the board this season. It’s just so obvious.

— Sam Quinn (@SamQuinnCBS) October 19, 2023

Why would the Raptors trade-off OG Anunoby?

The Raptors is likely to rebuild, and they are likely to trade either of Pascal Siakam or Anunoby. But since the British international is due for a contract extension, the Raptors would prefer trading him off than making a long-term commitment.

OG Anunoby is the 2022-23 steals leader!

— Basketball Forever (@bballforever_) April 10, 2023

Why would the Sixers like to sign OG Anunoby?

The Sixers know that Embiid might leave if they don’t sign another star since he thinks that Harden’s departure has weakened the Sixers. The reigning MVP is in his prime and would not like to spend his peak years with a struggling squad.

Will the Sixers be able to keep Embiid? How would the Raptors line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA: Stars Aligning For Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby Philadelphia Sixers Trade Deal