NBA: Toronto Raptors OG Anunoby Atlanta Hawks Trade Deal in the Works

The Toronto Raptors forward, OG Anunoby, is likely to play for the Atlanta Hawks in the upcoming season. He has been a great player for the Raptors all along, and the only reason they would like to trade him is the financial condition they will be in certain circumstances. The Raptors might give Pascal Siakam an extension, and it goes the same for Scottie Barnes as well, and then it might become a little complicated to give Anunoby an extension.

The Raptors know that if they don’t offer the 26-year-old, he might leave for free by declining his player option. They would like to get some return in exchange for him rather than letting him go for free. The Hawks have shown interest in signing him. Can they make it happen? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Toronto Raptors and the Atlanta Hawks involving OG Anunoby.

OG Anunoby might get traded to the Hawks this offseason

What would the Hawks offer for OG Anunoby?

The Hawks are expected to offer De’Andre Hunter and one first-round pick each from the years 2024 and 2029 in exchange for the Raptors’ #3. The player signed a four-year-long contract worth $72M in December 2020, but the Raptors might not be able to afford to extend him anymore.

#Sources — Toronto has cooled off trade talks completely on both Pascal Siakam & OG Anunoby. Raptors will reassess throughout the regular season and into the upcoming trade deadline. #NBA

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How did OG Anunoby perform last season?

The Indiana Hoosiers product played 67 games for the Raptors last season and averaged 16.8 points per game. He also managed to have 2 assists and 5 rebounds per game while shooting 38.7 percent 3-pointers and 47.6 percent from the field. It would surely hurt the Raptors to lose such a brilliant player, and they would like to find a way to keep him.

Despite losing VanVleet, the Raptors believe they can still compete with the top teams in the East and do not want to trade OG Anunoby, Pascal Siakam, or Gary Trent Jr.

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Why would the Hawks like to sign OG Anunoby?

The Hawks have not been that great even though they signed Murray, and now, rather than backing out, the Hawks want to push for success with another star signing. The Hawks will be putting their faith in the British if they sign him.

Will the Hawks find success with Anunoby? Will the Raptors figure out a plan to keep their star? We’ll keep you updated.