NBA Trade: Chicago Bulls Alex Caruso Toronto Raptors Trade Deal in the Works

The Chicago Bulls’ guard and forward Alex Caruso is likely to get traded to the Toronto Raptors in the coming days. Both the teams find themselves in a similar position. The Bulls have been struggling for a long time now but rather than rebuilding they acquire a star to solve their problems. This summer the management might have realised that they need to rebuild if they want to succeed.

The grass was greener on the Raptors’ side, they were expected to blow their roster and rebuild this summer. But they did not and now they are set to acquire some star and contend. Can the two teams help each other? How about the raptors acquiring one of the Bulls’ veterans? Do the Raptors have enough to land Caruso? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls involving Alex Caruso.

The Raptors are set to acquire Alex Caruso from the Bulls

What would the Raptors offer for Alex Caruso?

The Raptors are expected to offer Thaddeus Young, Malachi Flynn and one first round pick each from the year 2026 and 2028 in exchange for the Bulls’ #6. The Raptors replaced their coach this summer and their offense is doing good as well. Will this trade give them another boost?

NBA exec says Miami Heat are eyeing Alex Caruso: ‘They need a guard in the worst way’

— Heat Nation (@HeatNationCom) November 13, 2023

Why would the Raptors like to sign Alex Caruso?

The Raptors lost Fred VanVleet who is a part of the Rockets’ roster now and they are trying to replace him by doing this deal. It is a better option for them to rebuild their squad around Barnes after trading either of Anunoby and Pascal. Here they are landing one of the best guards in the league. It’d be interesting to see how that rolls out.

Alex Caruso made an all NBA defensive team last season, and he currently leads the league in deflections. He’s also a great shooter, leader, and is on a great salary of $9.4m. (With another year on his deal too) Perfect trade target for the Sixers!

— Aidan LaPorta (@AidanLaPorta69) November 11, 2023

Why would the Bulls trade off Alex Caruso?

The Bulls are set to rebuild. Everyone expects them to do and that looks like the only path that can take them upwards from here. They are getting two decent players and two draft picks which can come very handy if they actually execute their plans.

Will the Raptors rebuild or are they going to land a star? How will the Bulls line up? We’ll keep you updated.

NBA Trade: Chicago Bulls Alex Caruso Toronto Raptors Trade Deal in the Works