NBA Trade News: Indiana Pacers Myles Turner LA Lakers Trade Deal on the Cards

Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner might get traded to the Los Angeles Lakers this summer. The 27-year-old is constantly linked with many teams, and even though the Pacers extended his contract, there are still speculations that he might get traded. Are these absurd rumors, or have the Pacers played smart by handing him the contract extension to increase his market value?

The Texas Longhorns product played 62 games last season for the Pacers and averaged 18 points, 1.4 assists, and 7.5 rebounds per game while shooting 54.8 percent from the field. The Lakers are recruiting some quality players to provide some support to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They are also experimenting with different things for the post-LeBron era. Can they land the American center? Here is all the information you need about the trade between the Indiana Pacers and the Los Angeles Lakers involving Myles Turner?

Myles Turner is likely to play for the Lakers in the upcoming season

What would the Lakers offer for Myles Turner?

The Lakers are expected to offer Rui Hachimura, Jarred Vanderbilt, Cam Reddish, and a 2029 first-round pick in exchange for the Pacers’ #33. Myles is a versatile player; contending teams always try to land players who can shoot and defend as well. The Pacers are not contenders. Are they trying to be one? Will this move take them toward their target or away from it?

Myles Turner last season:

18.0 PPG
7.5 RPG
1.4 APG
2.3 BPG

Predict his numbers for the 2023-24 NBA season.

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Why would the Lakers like to sign Myles Turner?

The Lakers do not know until when they can enjoy the services of King James. But while they can, they are trying to strengthen their squad while preparing for the future. Turner is brilliant at floor spacing, and as we already said he could shoot and defend as well. The Lakers would love to add him to their roster.

#MylesTurner ⛹️ (Indiana #Pacers ????) – statistika u sezoni 2022/23

18 PTS, 54.8 FG%, 1.5 3PM, 78.3 FT%, 7.5 REB, 1.4 AST, 0.6 STL, 2.3 BLK#SFKL ????

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Why would the Pacers let Myles Turner go?

The Pacers know that they are far from winning a championship; they are a team that stays in the middle of the table most of the time. But just like every other team, they would like to make changes or rebuild to change things for the better.

Will this offer lure the Pacers into starting their rebuilding phase by trading Myles? Will the Lakers win another championship with LeBron? We’ll keep you updated.