NBA Trade: Philadelphia 76ers to Trade for Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors

The Philadelphia 76ers have just traded James Harden, and in return, they have received a lot of valuable draft capital. However, they haven’t got any star players in return.

The Sixers are being linked with the Toronto Raptors’ big star, Pascal Siakam. The general manager of the Sixers, Daryl Morey, is hunting for a big man to solidify the roster, and Siakam could be an ideal addition.

Siakam is also a friend of Joel Embiid. If both big men paired alongside Tyrese Maxey, they can make the Sixers a serious title contender. If the Sixers trade for Siakam, here is the trade potential scenario!

Image: Pascal Siakam

Philadelphia 76ers Landing Pascal Siakam – The Trade Proposal

The Toronto Raptors will receive the forward/center Marcus Morris Sr., the forward Robert Covington, the forward Nicolas Batum, a 2028 First-Round Draft Pick (Los Angeles Lakers via Philadelphia 76ers), a 2029 First Round Draft Pick (Philadelphia 76ers), and a 2030 First Round-Draft Pick (swap – Philadelphia 76ers).
The Philadelphia 76ers will receive the forward/center Pascal Siakam.

The Sixers want to be the serious title contenders, no matter which player they need to trade for. They can even trade for a superstar to stay in the championship race.

This team has only won one title till now. Could they become a winner again by trading for Pascal Siakam?

Why Do the Philadelphia 76ers Want to Trade for Pascal Siakam?

Image: Toronto Raptors

The Sixers already have a big man, Joel Embiid, who is one of the best big men in the league. Apart from that, this team also has their primary guard, Tyrese Maxey.

Now, they are looking for a big shooter who has the ability to defend as well. Siakam fits perfectly well on the Sixers’ roster. He is a much more dynamic player than Tobias Harris on the Sixers’ roster.

Wait until Pascal Siakam breaks out at the age of 32. He started basketball late at 17 and improved every season.

— PS43 ⭐️ (@PascalHoops) November 1, 2023

With his advanced playmaking and defending abilities, Siakam would make the Sixers a better roster. This trade deal will make the Sixers not just a better roster but a serious title contender for the upcoming season.

Could the Toronto Raptors Trade Pascal Siakam to the Philadelphia 76ers?

The Raptors are rebuilding their roster around Scottie Barnes. They want to acquire young players since Barnes is young and talented. This basically means that the Raptors don’t need Siakam anymore on the roster.

Siakam could make the Sixers a better roster

The Toronto Raptors are getting good returns in exchange for Pascal Siakam. They will receive two first-round picks, making it an ideal deal for them.

NBA Trade: Philadelphia 76ers to Trade for Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors