NBA Trade Proposal: New York Knicks to Acquire Los Angeles Clippers Kawhi Leonard in a Blockbuster Trade Deal

Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers has a tendency to get injured. As a star player, he is more prone to injuries than other players on their roster.

Leonard is one of the star players who could be unavailable to play at any moment due to his frequent injuries. Could the Clippers send him to the New York Knicks for this reason?

Kawhi Leonard

The Kawhi Leonard Trade Proposal

The Los Angeles Clippers will receive guard/forward RJ Barrett, guard/forward Evan Fournier, the 2026 first-round draft pick (New York Knicks), and the 2028 first-round draft pick (New York Knicks).
The New York Knicks will receive forward Kawhi Leonard.

Frequent injuries have devalued Leonard in the league. When he is healthy, he is one of the best two-way wings in the NBA. If the Clippers trade him right now, they may not get a significant return for him since he is injured.

Leonard was injured at the end of the last season, which has significantly lowered his value in the trade market. Should the LA Clippers move him to the Knicks and accept a low-value package in return?

Could the Lakers Accept a Low Return for Kawhi Leonard?

Image: Los Angeles Clippers

Although it may not be the most favorable outcome for the Los Angeles Clippers, it is advisable for them to accept the current trade offer for Kawhi Leonard. There seems to be no other alternative to get a better return for their star player.

It is not safe to retain him on the roster and risk your chances of winning the title in the next season.

If becomes healthy, Leonard can help the Knicks contend the next season

In return, the Clippers will receive RJ Barrett who is a potential star player of the Knicks. Furthermore, the Lakers would gain 2 first-round draft picks. And since the Lakers are already running low on draft capital, they should accept this deal.

Could the Knicks Acquire Kawhi Leonard And Risk Their Future?

The Knicks are not making a safe bet here. They are acquiring a star player that could become unavailable at times.

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But when Leonard is healthy, he is one of the best 3-and-D wing players. However, it cannot be predicted if he will be healthy before the next season kicks off.