NBA Trade Rumors: NY Knicks to Trade for Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat in a Game-Changing Trade Deal

The Miami Heat were one of the best teams in the NBA last year. They were able to make it to the playoffs, but they are struggling this season.

Could the Heat make a bold move by trading Jimmy Butler? If they trade Butler, could they send him to the New York Knicks?

Image: Miami Heat

New York Knicks to Land Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat – The Trade Proposal

The Miami Heat will receive the forward Julius Randle, the guard/forward Evan Fournier, a 2028 First-Round Draft Pick (New York Knicks), and a 2030 First-Round Draft Pick (New York Knicks).
The New York Knicks will receive the guard/forward Jimmy Butler.

The Heat performed really well in the NBA 2022-23 Season. They ever able to make it to the playoffs due to a lot of 3-pointers. However, not all their players performed equally well in the last season.

Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo didn’t perform in the last season. They tried hard but failed to perform in the previous season. As a result, could the Heat consider moving Adebayo or Butler?

Jimmy Butler late last night getting some shots up on mini goal in training room

Shouts out “LUKA” ????

— Emo Jimmy (@WheelerJaylen) November 5, 2023

Why Do the Miami Heat Want to Move Jimmy Butler?

The Miami Heat could do this deal for multiple reasons. First, Butler didn’t perform well in the last season, so flipping him for Julius Randle and Evan Fournier makes sense.

Secondly, Butler is a better player than Randle, but he is aging, currently 34, and wouldn’t help the Heat to shape their future.

Butler has achieved a lot for the Miami Heat, except the last season

If they move Jimmy Butler to the New York Knicks, they would be left with Adebayo, who they can pair with Tyler Herro to improve the roster further.

Could the Knicks Trade for Jimmy Butler in a Trade Deal?

The New York Knicks are getting the best player in this deal. While Butler is out of form as of now, he is the best player to trade for in this deal.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics

This deal with give the Knicks a fair return. Jimmy is a productive player that would perfectly fit in the Knicks’. They can pair Butler with Jalen Brunson. Moreover, they have Mitchell Robinson to take control of the defense.

NBA Trade Rumors: NY Knicks to Trade for Jimmy Butler from the Miami Heat in a Game-Changing Trade Deal